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 The Paris accord is another example of why I say the Left wants a one world Government. (8)

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The Paris accord is another example of why I say the Left wants a one world Government.

Progressives in the Democrat Party are not satisfied with pushing their socialistic ideology on only America. These arrogant elites share a common goal of Socialists around the world. They want a centralised Socialistic Government with the power to tell other nations how to conduct their affairs.

Do you see the outrage from the Left when Trump said America will not be put at an economic disadvantage by the dictates of these one world Government accords. Trump said America is it's own nation and that he would put Americans first above the mandates from foreign powers.
Trump wants to make a good deal for America so that all nations pay their fair share of the burden. Obama made terrible deals with this Paris accord and others such as the Iran deal.

Obama was a closet Socialist so he most times sided with them over America. He started his Presidency with an apology tour where the world gave him a noble peace prise for doing nothing more than capitulating to their one world Government dictates.

This is why the Left hates Trump. He is the kind of American President they dispise. He is a total opposite to the weak socialistic bleeding heart puppet, the likes of Obama bowing to the Socialist elites in this world.

Trump says America is not just one nation in a collective of Big Brother Socialists, but rather we are a nation of sovereignty whereby we will not be bound by terrible one sided Climate change deals that hurt America while still allowing nations like China, india, etc. to keep poluting for decades to come.

This puts us at an economic disadvantage, but do Democrats care? No, their vision is a one world Socialist Government telling all nations how to conduct their business and redistributing America's money to fund it.

We are twenty TRILLION in debt! We will not be told that we must fund billions of dollars to other nations, paying for their climate change mandates, so that they can sell their products much cheaper than we can?

Why are Progressives such bleeding heart saps? As with their ideoogy, they seem to hate success, they seem to hate the wealthy, they seem to hate America for being great with the goal of bringing us down to the levels of all nations in one great big Commune.

America is great because we believe in the power to the people, not corrupt governments.
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What absolutely baffles me is how liberals claim we cannot afford 12 billion to build the "Great Wall" but we can afford to send hundreds of billions of dollars to third world shit holes. Which one is it? Do we have the money or not?

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Exactly correct. Democrats play the debt game in what ever manner it suits them at the time. Complete phonies.

If you actually seek understanding, watch this five minute video and assume that it reflects my views 100%.

FromWithin(8266) Disputed
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LOL, seek understanding from a biased Left wing video spewing the same disproven rhetoric time after time after time.

These same sky is falling environmentalists have been wrong decade after decade but we are all suppose to lower our quality of life, pay more for electricity on the say so of Liberal environmentalists.

I coild find a five minute video for you as well and it would tell you the exact opposite. It would tel you how little the temperatures have risen compared to the claims from the Left. It would tell you the record numbers of years for Florida WITHOUT A HURRICANE, it would tell you the oceans are not rising as the Leftists have told us. Their models are almost always wrong but here you are spewing the same garbage.

If I gave you a video, you would simply say it is Right wing lies, so spare us all your leftwing videos.

We don't agree and that is why the Right goes by facts of what is actually happening, and not to what activists are screaming will happen no matter how many times they are wrong.

Scientists have told us that the actions of nations will do little to change the green house gasses in our atmosphere. They say by the year 2100, these changes MIGHT lower temperatures by .02% of a degree.


The answer is technology. Finding ways to actually remove green house gasses from the atmosphere. Not telling everyone to lower their standard of living to gain .02% of a degree in 80 years.

seanB(959) Disputed
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You are a moron. I bet your IQ is below 80.

If you honestly can't understand how carbon dioxide is a gas that holds heat better than air, and that this gas' output needs to be controlled, then you are irreparably stupid. No amount of science class can fix retarded.

Build technology? By burning more fossil fuels? Technology that takes millions of tons of CO2 from the air? Wait .. I know of such technology .... if I can remember the name ... erm .. oh .. ah ... ah yes!

Trees. You know, those things that companies cut down to fuel the electricity used to build technology ....

I take it back. It must be below 60.

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I coild find a five minute video for you as well and it would tell you the exact opposite. It would tel you how little the temperatures have risen compared to the claims from the Left.

And I would ask to see the methodology of that data collection, and try to understand why the discrepancy exists. Wanna try?