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The Pope's Autograph

If you received the Pope's autograph this weekend, would you sell it on eBay?


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I Wouldn't

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Dude. Stop.

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heck yeah ... something is worth only what someone else attributes value to it .... the pope's autograph might be worth millions of dollars to a faithful believer as it means nothing to me .... take the money and run


but as far as the pope is concerned ......


If the Final False Prophet spoken of in Revelation 13 is indeed Pope Francis .. then I'm expecting all of the secular humanistic left / atheistic / false-religious-system / anti-christ / homosexual / and all the Biblical Harlot folk spoken about in Revelation 17 to glob-on to / applaud / accept and follow this guy .. He will literally rally them all together .. UNITY .. will indeed be the theme ...... My real point of observation will be IF & WHEN Pope Francis gets on the same page with and starts pointing to and singing the praises of a particular (RISING STAR) powerful political figure (vice-versa) ........ time will tell (written in 2013)

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I would never seek the pope's autograph i the first place. Or even accept it if it were offered to me.

He represents one of the most murderous and oppressive factions to ever inhabit the Earth. The RCC has killed millions in its time. Probably even more than Hitler.

In fact, I doubt I would piss on the Pope if he were on fire.

Thank you.

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How can I sell my buttock online?

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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