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 The Presidential Debate (7)

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The Presidential Debate

I thought surely there would be a debate about the debate going strong right after the first presidential debate but there doesn't seem to be. Could it be because so many liberals dominate this site and they don't wanna talk about how Obama got spanked? 

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Romney clearly won the debate, but if Gary Johnson have been invited, both would be crying in shame of defeat.

If only Obama had a teleprompter.

Romney went like 100% Gangnam style all over Obama ;)

Who won the debate:

3rd place goes to Obama

2nd Place goes to Romney

1st place goes to the Federal Reserve Bankers.

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Of course Romney won. I didn't want him to, Obama is the lesser of the two evils, however Romney completely owned Obama. It looked like he had just emerged from a 3 month hibernation too early!

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I drank and smoked while watching, so forgot some. However, I did notice Obama stumbling a lot and not really being clear enough. It seemed that Romney actually knew what he was talking about while Obama was repeating the same shit from '08.

Obama is running out of juice. Not to mention how he's a terrible improviser. And Romney isn't the adorable, cutey pie like McCain. Romney will attack when he sees blood, while McCain will be all like "aw shucks, guys, lets get Obama a band-aid."

You got wasted and baked during the debate? Screw what I said before, you won!

Just finished watching it. Obama definitely lacked the conviction in his orations he normally possesses, Romney really threw him, especially when discussing healthcare. Obama was reduced to straw mans and stumbling.

Of course they're all in bed with the debate commission anyway, so what the fuck does it matter?

Vote Vermin Supreme ;)

EDIT: Were notes allowed in the debate? Right as the candidates walked towards their podiums, Romney pulled out a sheet of paper.