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You mean when he was a "liberal"? When he was NOT a Christian? (Not that he is anywhere CLOSE, NOW!). When he was FOR abortion? When he went through all those bankruptcies?? When he cheeted so many people he could no longer borrow from an American OR European bank?? When he HAD to go to Russia for money?? When HE put millions$ in offshore banks?? When HE didn't pay the taxes he was "required out of love for his country" to pay?? When he committed adultery as his wife was having his baby?? When the only time he went to church was to get married … again?? (OR to look like he was giving a charitable donation … a photo-shoot!). When, maybe, he lied LESS than he does now … maybe???THAT Donald Trump???? TRUTH?

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He looks like a reptillian shapeshifter in the first image.

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