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The Roast of WinstonC

I originally came to this site a month ago to work on my debate skills.

I've been meaning to do a self-roast for a few days now, hopefully to garner some constructive criticism. Since I received my first ban today this has given me the impetus to actually do it. While I don't believe the ban was warranted, it's always difficult to accurately perceive oneself. In addition, I'm certain there are things I could do better if they were brought to my attention.

Ideally the criticism will be constructive but give me your worst: nobody will be banned or disputed. I asked for this so don't feel guilty.

What am I doing wrong? What could I improve on?
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I've never been good at roasting. Let's see.

You shouldn't be seeking the approval of others in your debate style, you do just fine on your own.

I mean it's not appreciated that you bring to light your side of the arguments in a calm and reasonable manner or respond sentence by sentence to those seeking to belittle you, in a concise quazi-respectful manner. It's utterly ridiculous that from what I've seen you refuse to stoop to a lower level and call people names and degrade others who have a different viewpoint than you....shame on you.


That's all I have for now, you better get some burn cream on those burns.

Haven't seen you much.

Therefore, you seem too impatient to have done it. Even I haven't done it yet (though I intended to, since seeing an old roast series on CD).

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Hello W:

It's HARD to judge your debating skills when your opposition HATES you, and doesn't mind telling you so.. That pretty much sums up what we got going on here.. It works for me, because I'm willing to argue with 'em on THEIR level.. You're much too polite to do that.


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I've been a member of this site for a little over a week and I don't even know what sort of stuff you post. Good God, man, you obviously don't post enough! You only post to actually debate rather than for attention; you clearly don't have enough ambition to be site-famous.

And yes, I'm being a little facetious here.

Reflect on your ideas often, dig down deeper, with no bias, just logic... try debating yourself in your head, taking both sides. I know that wasn't a roast but some suggestion,... if it could've helped...

hmm, looks like an amazing idea to make criticism productive... I too am thinking of a self roast now, feel free to type in...