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Will you follow the rules?

Hey everyone, things have gotten quite out of hand here lately.  I receive lots of criticism for doing nothing, then lots of criticism for doing something. So I am faced with the reality of either shutting the site down, or cleaning it up. Shutting it down is easy, I can turn the site off in a matter of minutes and that is that.  By doing that, it will also put between $300 and $500 back in my pocket a month, because that is what I spend to keep the site running. The hard thing is to clean it up.  I want to keep it open, so I am going to try to clean it up.

Here is the first round of changes to help us have a site that everyone can coexist in.


1. All debates must be written in the form of a question. If you do not, I will take the liberty to change those which I see are statements into questions.
2. No swearing! PERIOD! I used to allow the occasional profanity to be used to emphasize a particular point. No longer.  Profanity will not be tolerated.  Use it once and you will be warned. Use it twice and you will be banned.
3. No attacks on members. You may post debates and arguments that attack public figures, but you may not post a debate or argument attacking another member. Do it once and you will be warned. Do it twice and you will be banned.
4. No sock puppet accounts period. I will have an amnesty period until April 1st.  Turn in your sock puppet accounts to be banned (the content will stay).  If not, I will start surgically removing accounts starting with your most active to the least active as a punishment.
5. No Advertising! If you create a debate which is clearly created with the sole purpose of creating a to backlink to another site, you will be banned immediately.

There may be more, but let's start with these!

Best regards,


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4 points

Hi Andy,

With you 100%.

No one can now plead ignorance about the type of behaviour which was destroying the site.

I have two other accounts but do not know how to delete them.

All I can do is log out and hope that will suffice.

Good luck with the site and thanks for providing the facility.

Rusticus(811) Disputed
1 point

@ Antrium- How fortunate for you that your racist Nazi tirades will continue to be tolerated. You must be thrilled.

outlaw60(15367) Disputed
3 points

Everyone is a Nazi in your Little Perverted World but i thought there was only Trolls ? Get your story straight you Confused Progressive ROTFFLMMFAO

1 point

Blank kisser!...............................................................................

4 points

Hi Andy,

Thank you for trying to clean up this site, and thank you for trying to keep it open even at a cost to you. When I first came on it was actually a pretty fantastic place and I hope it can become one again. Have you thought about having moderators to help remove the debates where it is an obvious personal attack against someone?

3 points

Great news! Thank you very much! May this be the beginning of a new era of prosperity for CD

3 points

Andy, you are just unbelievable. You will never clean this site up because you don't understand who is making it dirty. The only people you have left here are the trolls and bullies who have somehow managed to con you into believing they are victims.

Just see, for example, Antrim's implication that he is an honest debater who welcomes such rules. Then cross reference that with these comments:- FAO CD Members Here is a Selection Of Antrim s Comments In The Past 24 Hours

As clear as water is wet, Antrim is the dictionary definition of a troll.

Indeed, see the very top comment for a typical example of MathFan's relentless attacks. This is a person who, for the last three months, has been quite literally unable to see one of my comments without attacking me. In fact, I challenge you to actually find a single thread created by me in the last month in which I am not either insulted or provoked at least once by this vicious and thoroughly lamentable human cockroach. You will struggle. And, if you do find any, then it is only because I probably had the foresight to remember to ban him.

MathFan has quite literally scoured my entire posting history looking for things he can distort and take out of context, such is his dedication to trolling me.

Finally, consider Dermot, who is unequivocally the most overtly offensive member on the entire site. At least xMathFanx and Antrim occasionally make some effort to hide their malicious intent, whereas Dermot makes precisely none.

I said it yesterday and I'll say it again today. You are an idiot. Either that, or you have a genuine soft spot for lying racist bastards. You had absolutely no reason to single me out for a ban other than perhaps because you disagree with me ideologically.

Whatever the case, and I mean this sincerely, fuck you and the haven you have created for nasty neo-Nazi scumbags.

Dermot(5736) Disputed
1 point

Andy knows this is yet another of your accounts Nom / Q / Rusticus etc, etc ,

You’re banned off every debating forum online except this for trolling ,

Here you are in action spewing your hate .......

Rusticus(877) 1 point

Checking back and see that as I already knew there would be no IP address which of course (as many very well knew) proves that you are a liar.

You're a sick little pathological lying Nazi.

You're a disgrace.

You were not “ singled out “ you hang yourself every time like on this thread where you support your “ position “ with your multiple accounts and no doubt will downvote every one who disagrees with you , giving more proof of how devious you truly are

Antrim(1286) Clarified
2 points

Thanks for the support Dermot, it hasn't gone unnoticed.

It beggars belief that those who are responsible for the haranguing and personal insults are continuing to do so and they don't even realise it.


0 points

@ krugenford - I'm with you for the most part. I can't understand how the worst trolls on this site have managed

to convince Andy that they're the victims. It's a very sad situation.

If Antrim's hate speech and the insanity of his henchmen is going to be allowed to continue I can't stay.

I wonder if Andy really understands what a troll is and doesn't recognize them for what they are. They've continually

provoked, poked, needled and jabed (TROLLED) in order to get the response they need in order to allow them to play

the victim.

Andy, you've been played. If you haven't done so already, please take a look at Antrim's waterfall. You won't have to look far to find one racist tirade after another. Is that to be allowed? Will swastikas and confederate battle flag avatars be allowed?

If they are, this site will eventually be full of proudly out in the open neo-nazi's.

I'd really like an answer and if the answer is 'Yes' - I'm gone.

Dermot(5736) Disputed
3 points

if Antrim's hate speech and the insanity of his henchmen is going to be allowed to continue I can't stay

And yet you’re still here

2 points

I'm fully behind all but rule two, though it's not like I swear personally.

addltd(5143) Clarified
1 point

I don't like rule number two but too many people abuse it...

KJVPrewrath(967) Clarified
1 point

Please don't let Atrag talk to me. Everyone else is welcome to my debates. Due to the false accusations, I don't think I should even reply to him.

2 points

Andy, thanks as ever for your work keeping CD up and running. I'd be saddened to see it go.

1 point

Good rules. May factmachine be no more.

1 point

The Rules!

Understood .


The Rules!

Doesn't seem too difficult.

- themadgadfly

A lot of the comments for this post are personal attacks, puppet accounts and trolls.

Are you going to be implementing any changes to the coding of the site to deal with the trolls, or do you plan on doing it all manually, because doing it manually seems like an impossible task, as is evident by the comments in this thread. Also, is the underline bug ever going to be fixed? If you send me the code you use for the underline feature, I can fix it for you.

addltd(5143) Clarified
1 point

Manual for now...and what underline bug. It has never been reported (that I remember).

Mingiwuwu(1446) Clarified
1 point

If you end your post without typing a non-underlined thing after closing the "_" then all the posts below are underlined and have no way to reverse it.

JustIgnoreMe(4290) Clarified
1 point

It usually happens when a link contains an odd number of underscores.

Here is an example post.

Subsequently everything is underlined.

If I change the underscore to the entity code, then it works as it should.

Thank you for providing this service. I will follow the rules. My eyes hurt, so I will clarify later.

See you never, once again the main argument I’ve made for free speech is that not everyone has grown up in the same environment with the same influences, it’s not for anyone to make up rules for language, because the English language is a constantly evolving entity. Some say that the flexibility that is inherent in English and it’s tendency to adapt other languages words and phrases, makes it one of the most useful and pervasive languages ever. As soon as someone makes a determination as to what is, and what isn’t acceptable, it becomes impossible for some, possibly unprivileged persons to be disregarded. The real reason Christian countries still have such disorder and chaos is because of the disconnect from a childlike reality, once people have broken a law that is suspect of divine punishment, their subconscious causes a predictable reaction, disconnection.

outlaw60(15367) Disputed
1 point

You a Progressive are about Free Speech really now ??????????????

T_all(22) Disputed
1 point

Free speech is not about saying whatever one wants. Free speech constitutes responsible speech.

1 point

Thank you. I will do my best to be a good citizen playing by the rules. I think the hardest part for me will be the no personal attacks clause but only because some of us have so much history in our clashes it’s hard to not reference that. If someone smears me as a progressive and I reply that they’re a gun nut, or holy roller, or conservative lap dog, does that count as a personal attack?

1 point

In keeping with my rejection to associate myself with the multiple account holders I refuse to respond to their continuing schoolboy goading, other than to reaffirm my commitment to adhere to the new rules.

My advice to all is to take heed that the site has an improved and modified format and to cooperate by adapting to the new


1 point

This is excellent news Andy and it’s to your credit that you have taken a firm hand in dispensing justice and dealing with the trolls , hopefully this heralds a new era on C D and it will once again become what it was when I came here first as in a great debate site

addltd(5143) Clarified
3 points

I am hopeful that all who want to return and play by the rules will do so. There are certain member who feel like I singled them out. Clearly by their reaction I must have been right...but I am willing to have all come back.

Just requires following a few simple rules.

0 points

There are certain member who feel like I singled them out.

Yes , that is always the case in these situations

Clearly by their reaction I must have been right...but I am willing to have all come back.

The new rules are great and not hard to abide by so hopefully it all works out .... Good stuff Andy 👌

1 point

Of course.


I know it is disappointing (and onerous) to do this, but I appreciate your efforts and willingness to work for the advancement of the free exchange of ideas. I am sure we agree that it would be nicer if people's commitment to good manners were enough without the rules.

I also am grateful that you pay the expense in support of free speech.

1 point

Andy, please check your messages.................................................................................

1 point

Please don't shut down the site. This is a good platform to talk about things. The rules you just laid down are good. I hope the members here will abide by them. Thanks for this site.

The rules of the site or the rules of bronto's house...

Bump. Atrag needs to read the rules.......................................................................................................................................

1 point

You can't make everyone follow all the rules............................

1 point

Andy I am trying your site out for my students but my students are complaining about personal attacks on them. I teach a argumentation and debate class and was hoping to give them some practice. I hope the standards of this site can be followed other wise I will look for a different site. Thanks.

addltd(5143) Clarified
1 point

Dear spchtchr, The membership here can be over zealous at times. I have asked them to stay off of debates that are clearly education based debates. I think the best opportunity for you would be to create you own public community. It is free of charge and while anyone can join, most people don't look at the other communities. Here is a link to setup your own. It takes less than one minute. Then you can post your debates safely there. If any of our members join, you (or I) can ban them from your community.

Under education select get started and on the next screen choose the free option.

Then provide your students with the link to your very own community and let them debate!

Let me know if you have any questions via the messaging system.

Best regards,


0 points

Oh, my. Things have certainly changed, haven't they? I'll try my best to behave Andy. But you know that's a little hard sometimes. ;)

You are a ing joke for not enforcing the rules. You ban me for standing up to Atrag, do nothing about rampant eugenics and rape culture, and everyone kisses your so the can bully each other into an ip ban. You could prove me wrong, but I wont hold my breath. I will be on the * away from you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Atrag(5556) Disputed
1 point

Another Dana freak out eh? Meds not working hun?