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 The Smartest People Are Atheists. This is a FACT! (5)

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The Smartest People Are Atheists. This is a FACT!







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The R value has got to be shit from the looks of it. But more importantly, am I risking IQ points by letting my mother force me to attend church?

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Hahhahhahahahah...even Charles Darwin was not an atheist....nor the billboard long used by atheists showing pictures of 8 or ten great minds implying they were all atheists, in reality only one of them was an atheist and that one blew his brains out.......if I recall, the only real atheist in the bunch was Hemingway and he blew his brains the entertainment genius Williams or whoever it was that got started on Mork and Mindy......I'm not a fan of any of those people anymore, though I do come across Einstein's writings once in a while. I put more than one professor into shock and embarrassment with simple philosophical logic I reply to their statements in their lectures....I forget exactly what it was, but in one Psych class, the teacher was parroting the program according to the text......and I knew it was wrong....I asked a couple questions leading up to the obvious truth, and when I stated the truth, the teacher knew I was right, the whole class knew I was right, and the whole class spontaneously said "oooovwowowowwoooooooo". The teacher just stood their with her hand on her hip looking at me until the oooing stopped....and said "this is my class, I'm the teacher here". After class, some of the Christian girls......there were probably five Christians in that class of thirty or so students...... chased me down in the hallway and thanked me for standing up for the truth. Everybody in that class including the teacher knew I was right and the teaching was lies, propaganda, and I don't know how many were really atheists because only a few Christians let me know what they believed......but I'm sure most of them were atheists as that is the trend in America today and more so in colleges.

All the chart proves is that people with high IQ's spend a lot of time in schools with teach atheistic brainwashing by bullying tactics which strive to silence opposing views.....and my IQ tests around 120.....a bit below genious, but smarter than the average bear. I was always among the top three in my classes for grades, and put little effort into it.....I was too busy being wild and having fun.

I know intelligent people when I see them.....I can tell when a person is on my level or above, and no genius intimidates me with their intelligence. I know the Giver of intelligence, and until you know Him for real through Jesus Christ, and know your sins are forgiven and heaven is your home, you know nothing really worth knowing no matter how high your IQ is.

And for the record, there are different types of intelligence. Some of my friends kind of envy the ease I have in studying and learning, but they are experts in their own fields of specialty and I could easily envy them for a Karate champion, one a retired army Command Sergent (spell check?) Major who had 3500 men in his brigade, one is among the best known and most award winning painters of big rig semis .....his name not well known as the owners of the trucks win the awards, not him.......but they all come to him when they want a paint rape survivor who gave the baby up for adoption, one who allowed her baby to be murdered in abortion and went through the long emotional healing and now shines with love and joy and five wonderful kids with awesome stories of their own.....twins under ten, one of which faced a deadly bone disease and said "i'm not afraid, mommy, I know I'll be with Jesus if I have to die soon".... a couple who were real life geniuses with IQ's higher than mine or anybody here....and greatest of all, the ministers who have travelled the country or remained strong in their pulpits preaching the gospel and winning souls to the Lord.......and a special shout out to my awesome Pastor who recently earned his PhD in theology and secondary in nutritional science, schooled in martial arts and declined a recent offer to triple his salary in a management position in preference of being our Pastor.......oh yeah, almost forgot the state high school wrestling champ who went to try out for the Olympics, and the champion high school trumpet player.....and in case any of my friends happen to read this and were not mentioned here, my apologies for leaving you out, you all are awesome.

Whoever did that survey and whoever believes it is realistic does not live on the same planet as me.....oh yeah, and don't want to forget my buddy who was sure to be an NHL goalie before he volunteered to go to Nam......and the other guys who were in Nam and Korea......

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Once again, atheists resort to the only real argument tool in their arsenal...insult whoever contradicts them.

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