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This is okay. This is damaging.
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The Spreading of Religion

Here's the thing:
The spread of a religious tale is commonly named "Spreading the word" and can also be known as "The holy deepthroating" "Bible bashing" or "Being annoying" It's 1AM so I'm going to let this sink into your mind as I sleep.

This is okay.

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This is damaging.

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I actually find both sides pretty annoying sometimes. Both those who "push" their religion, and those who "push" Atheism or anti-religion. As far as I'm concerned, believe in what you want but when it hurts others, then it's wrong

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Religion gives people hope and faith, if someone is religious they are so because they believe in an afterlife. We all doubt if what we preach is fact/truth, an atheist doesn't believe in an afterlife and that you just die, well what if there is an afterlife? according to all religious texts every nonbeliever will be damned unless they convert, so IF there is an afterlife I suggest you stick to a religion. TRUE there are no facts to support any religion, but there are no facts that can dispute it either, to be honest I could care less about people who I have nothing to do with whatsoever, you do you.

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Sad thing to say, they don't care, they are not that advanced to think about their end. They wouldn't be scared with hell just like those fake Christians who really don't believe in God, they just participated coz they fear hell so much.

Some people won't buy that "what if's", they want a certain answer coz these people don't want to be fooled.

Yep religion gives hope to the religious, not on other people.

No , there one argument that disputes religion and you subconsciously said it. "There are no facts to be found in religion" , so now that it don't have, what's the sense of believing it.

Religion only affects those who got nowhere to go

You know people get tired, make mistakes, fart, feel guilt and embarrassment, the only thing that would remove this things out of their head is comfort from their loved one, but if someone doesn't find comfort to anybody, they end up hoping to a God they wished to exist.

Also, Christian don't come because it's real or it's because they have the evidence, it's because they get their courage and strength from Jesus. So basically you are saying the truth when you said there are no facts.

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It's funny how all the Political Correct Humanists can keep forcing their PC religion down everyone's throats, and to hypocrite morons it is ok.

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HardAgnostic(7) Disputed
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I'm not seeing your point whatsoever. Please keep it related to the topic.

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FromWithin(8239) Disputed
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If you can't see the point, you must be the hypocrite I speak of.

Let me make it plain to understand. We have been hearing from the Left and non believers how they do not like it when religious people voice their beliefs and opinions to help spread the tenants of their religion.

These same hypocritical people, screaming the loudest when other's mention their faith, are the very people who are FORCING their political correct humanistic beliefs onto all the world!

The point I am making is very simple to see. You get the point but you don't like it when we show the hypocrisy. Try staying on the topic!

Those on the Progressive humanistic Left want to be the only ones spreading their Liberal politically correct Doctrine.

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The spread of a religious tale is commonly named "Spreading the word" and can also be known as "The holy deepthroating" "Bible bashing" or "Being annoying"

Hello A:


You only listed two factions: Believers and those who HATE believers.. But, there's a third faction: People who don't give a shit.


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outlaw60(15500) Disputed Banned
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SUPER STUPID is not a JEW ??? You said you were JEW!!!!!!!!!

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HardAgnostic(7) Clarified
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I use the term bible bashing and I don't hate believers, I'm not really seeing your point. (Didn't mean to make it say "This is okay"

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Being raised in a Christian family, I think my background is valid enough to state my opinion: I do not hate believers. There are many believers who I take a lot of interest in. You can call me agnostic, but I believe in mythology such as Satanism and Catholicism for the experience, I don't have any real faiths in religion such as those. Religion CAN be damaging if you grow into it. Many "healthy Christian families" (especially involving children) force the "holy word" on the youth, raising them to think they'd to to hell if they did not listen. Many gain the intelligence to get past their parents, some become brainwashed and do not plan to change religious beliefs. I read biblical word to privately make fun of it, make sense of it only to find out the words cross themselves, and then discontinue. Biblical word is commonly followed because the followers are afraid of their Gods, so afraid that they pretend to love their Gods, like a rape victim to their attacker. Many controversial topics including: Sexual Orientation, Skin Tone/Ethnicity, and Gender Roles/Identity are all rarely mentioned in the bible for God to earn more followers.

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