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Imperialist statue White supremacy
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The Statue of Liberty needs to go next and is on the list

Imperialist statue

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White supremacy

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Tear down the Statue of Liberty which is only a representation of white repression and dominance over the poor lil'ol darkies.

Replace it with Huey P Newton and/or Bobby Seale.

Side: Imperialist statue
JustIgnoreMe(4290) Clarified
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Since the Statue of Liberty was erected to celebrate the abolition of slavery, maybe the debate should use a different icon - like the White House...

Side: Imperialist statue
JustIgnoreMe(4290) Clarified
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"You leave it up to me, I paint the white house black"

Is there future in your frontin - I don't think so
Side: Imperialist statue
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No. The only ones that should go are the traitors. Ms. Liberty stands FOR the United States, not against it! She also WELCOMES ALL, regardless of race, color, or creed, unlike the traitor-in-chief.

Side: White supremacy