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The Tea Party, New Kind of Protest

well, i did some more research on this, and i think i was wrong about them.

1. only one arrest. no violence or vandalism.

2. they don't even sound like angry dickfags. it seems more like a tailgate party. hell, Ted Nugent was there playing some bad ass guitar. It's actually a fun time where people who believe in small government are rallying round. hell, i probably would have gone down to one if i had known how non-gay it was (unlike other protests).

and the fact that CNN is so pissed at them, it just makes me think "wow, i've lost all respect for CNN".


These are people who don't protest often.  They're not making random rambles.  Hell, there are Democrats there as well, and a lot of them hate Republicans as well.  It's really just people who are upset with how much government has let them down, and pissed that this major let down only wants to get bigger.

Anderson Cooper (who i thought was a reporter, but i guess he became a pundit now) decided to call it tea bagging as well.  It really upset me to see how all of a sudden something like this wasn't worthy of fair news coverage, especially since i used to like AC.


Shows how truly this country can become divided. 


And, here's the CNN "reporter" interviewing a moron (what they did show) and then the "reporter" getting her ass handed to her "what they didn't show you".


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not sure if it showed up in the description, so here it is:

CNN Reporting

I'm proud of you Pyggy for swallowing what you had said.```````````````````````````````````

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Suddenly CNN is against anti government protests. Hmm interesting.

And yeah she did get her ass handed to her. LOL

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The Boston Tea Party was about the issue of taxation without representation. This is something completely different. The Faux News tea-baggers aka journalists are just trying to make a ruckus about re-balancing the tax scheme to weigh a little more heavily on the backs of the rich and super rich.

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If you don't think they sound like angry dickfaqs, then you haven't been paying attention.

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DICKFAGS?????? `````````````````````````````````````````````

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The Tea Party actually got a ton of press, for a protest. Maybe it has something to do with it being organized by Dick Armey, and his cadre of right-wingers. It's a partisan-organized and -funded exercise posing as a grass-roots movement, and it's protesting things that have been going on for years before Obama came into office.

I'm not saying I disagree with the intent of the protest. I'm just marveling at how easily herded these people are.

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Eff CNN.

Anyways I agree with you Piggy. I wish I could have been at the one Glenn Beck was at. I hear NBC completely ignored these events, what a bunch of losers. And people say they are more fair and balanced than fox news. Please.

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While I'm all for discent and protest, the people discenting and protesting really should have something to be discenting and protesting about. These people seem to be protesting a figment of their own paranoid imaginations:

dumb people are funny
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