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The Texas Abortion Law and the Supreme Court

Should the U.S. Supreme Court decide to intervene regarding the Texas Abortion Law which caused about half of the State's abortion clinics to close due to its harsh restrictions?


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I believe it will and has to. When an de jure ban is considered unconstitutional then a de facto ban caused by unreasonable regulations will have to be ruled unconstitutional in order for the Supreme Court to protect its own power. I think the pro-life camp has fallen into a trap of their own making. The Supreme Court will have to greatly restrict state legislators' power to regulate abortion in order to prevent this stuff from happening. The result will likely be more and easier access to abortion services.

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Almost every day, Texas is in the headlines for something crazy happening there! It is the only state I really would like to see secede! Let them build their "wall", handle the Mexican immigration problem, become the radical Evangelical state they would like, and leave the REAL America alone! The Cowboys used to be MY team, that was back when their coach dressed like a gentleman with a nice hat!

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Who on Earth would want a politically correct supreme court to force their will on Texas as they did with Gay marriage on all states?

Texas has the humanity to at least try to stop late term abortions on demand past 5 months. How sick is the Democrt party for supporting any abortion at any stage for any reason to be legal. If that is not bad enough, 177 Democrats out of 182 voted to not protect the life of an unborn Baby born alive after a botched abortion.

The Democrat party has become a radical extremist party and have lost all sense of humanity. They speak to compassion to our least among us and then vote to allow Babies to starve to death after birth. HORRENDOUS!

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Because that is how the Supreme Court works in this country.

Nothing in your post has any relevance to the topic of the Supreme Court, it is just ranting about Democratics like usual.

Child abusers shouldn't pretend to have the moral high ground.

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Thank you Texas. The Supreme Court is on my last nerve. I don't think they even cracked open a copy of the constitution in their last 4 or 5 so-called "landmark decision". They're just one branch of the Government in the balance of powers, and they've screwed that up, because they are supposed to interpret the constitution and apply it to challenges which are not resolved in the various states. They instead take cases which ARE resolved at the various states and use their personal opinions rather than the U.S. Constitution to muddy things up even more. On top of which, we already have a congress for legislation. Congress makes law. The Court applies it, and clarifies it. Everybody needs to remember what their job is.

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