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The Third Antichrist

I just want some opinions on who you think the Third Antichrist could be.

For any who dont know, there are three Antichrist's. All of which were predicted in Nostradamus'es profecys.
The First Antichrist - Hitler
                                From deep in the Western part of Europe,
                                A child will be born, to poor parents.
                                He will seduce the multitude with his tongue:
                                The noise of his reputation will grow in the East,

The Second Antichrist - Napoleon
                                Stained with mass murder and adultery,
                                This great enemy of humanity
                                Will be worse than any man before him
                                In steel, fire, water, bloody and monstrous.

The Third Antichrist - ?
                               Though born in poverty, he will take supreme power,
                               He will tyrannize and bankrupt his people,
                               Raising a thousand-year army,
                               He is called lucky, though he costs both lives and gold.

Please people give me your opinion's.


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Wouldn't it make more sense if Napolean was the 1st Anti christ and Hitler the 2nd?

1) Napoleon was before Hitler

2) Napoleon was born in the Western parts of Europe (I would consider Austria to be East, or at least Central)

I personally don't belive in NostraDamus prophecy.

Air1(36) Clarified
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Well thanks for your input. And yes i did get Hitler and Napolean confused, my source was a friend. But that was just for who was who. And the debate is about The Third one.

Why dont you trust in Nostradamus ?

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It is Obama. Barack means blessed in Kenya. He was born and lived though povertyand he is now president of the United States. He is driving this country towards tyranny. He is trying to get a heathcare bill passed which will cost the goverment lots of money and it will make people buy insurence and to those who can't they won't have insurence and will die because they won't be able to pay thier medical bills and will stop going to the hospital.

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I was actually just thinking that. Good job.

I mean, I don't actually believe in all of this stuff, but it seems to all fit together quite nicely.

Air1(36) Clarified
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Yes i also thought on this fact. However in the profecy Nostradamus states that he raised a thousand year army, and the USA has not been independent for 10 centuries.

But i see your point with the insurence, and how that links with bankrupting and also with supreme power. However it does raise the question "Couldnt China match against the USA ?"

No man can live 1000 years, so I think this means 1000 years of peace or a 1000 years of total dominance.

As far as China..., we have the technological advantage.

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Sorry for the Mistake but i accendently got Hitler and Napoleon confused. The profecys are the same just Hitler was second and Napoleon was first.

If you think i got it wrong just state why and i'l double check. But remember to please stay focused on the Third Antichrist.

Napoleon would have been the first anti-Christ and Adolf Hitler was the second.

Anyway, Napoleon was born 15 August 1769 and subsequently died on 5 May 1821. This puts him at 52 years of age. He took power as Emperor of France from 1804 to 1812. This is only 8 years as leader. The Napoleonic Wars left 3.5 million to 6.5 million dead including civilians.

Adolf Hitler was born 20 April 1889 and subsequently died on 30 April 1945, which would made him 56. He took power as the Fuhrer of Germany from 1934 to 1945. This is 11 years as leader. Hitler is responsible for some 11 million deaths.


Based on these facts, I will predicted that the third anti-Christ was born in the year 2009 where he will reach power at the age of 55 and subsequently be killed at the age of 60 while 22 million deaths will be gone.

Air1(36) Clarified
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I suppose, but 22 million compared to 6 Billion isn't a lot.

I do not believe in the prophecies of an Anti-Christ. I think this is mass hysteria.