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Transgender Crapping rights THis should not be allowed
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The Transgender Bathroom Situation

Many Transgender folk have the desire to use the bathroom with the gender they identify with. But that brings up many issues with how do you prevent perverts from lying about their sexual preference.

Transgender Crapping rights

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THis should not be allowed

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If someone doesn't have a penis, they shouldn't go to the man's restroom if they have to pee. Same in vice versa if you don't have a vagina. Maybe there should be a rule that says they should have to go in the stall or something, but they have a right to use the bathroom for god's sake.

Side: Transgender Crapping rights

It's my thoughts that if a person looks like a female as far as the outside, and has the parts that for the most part work, they should be allowed to use that restroom, same with a guy.

Side: Transgender Crapping rights

If your birth certificate says male, you should use the men's restroom. So what if you had three boobs jobs. You still have penis, and vice versa. Its also respect for people who actually accept and appreciate their gender. Why make other people uncomfortable just because you are trying to be something that you're not. That's inconsiderate.

Side: THis should not be allowed