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True. Wait..., what? No!!!
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The U.S. should never become a liberal - socialist country.

Which socialist country has ever launched a Tesla into space?

Which socialist country put a man on the moon?

Which socialist country has a re-usable space vehicle or booster rockets that land themselves?


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Wait..., what? No!!!

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We can either reach for the stars or let the plebs drag us down ;)

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Let them eat cake ;)

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Hell, I hate that the US is a welfare state. It weakens both individuals and the people as a whole, and dissipates our freedom.

I definitely don't want the US ever to be socialist because I value freedom and accomplishment.

Despite leftists categorizing socialism as "liberal", it limits people's freedom by:

-- Granting the state unreasonable power

-- Confiscating money and power (and thereby freedom from individuals)

-- Discouraging accomplishment by relieving individuals of responsibility and accountability for their own needs

-- Discouraging accomplishment by taking too much of the rewards for personal success

I am a free market capitalist because:

-- It creates the most wealth.

-- It encourages the greatest (and stupidest) accomplishments.

-- It provides the most effective non-violent and non-coercive social controls.

-- It encourages the greatest personal freedom.

In a truly free market all social/economic relationships are completely voluntary, and unfortunately we are moving away from that (wedding cake requirements) and as freedom is truncated, justice is curtailed.

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The United States was founded by courageous pioneers who depended only on their own self-reliance, congenital work ethic, innovation and indomitable spirit to forge our great nation which is now being eroded by the unregulated influx of parasitic immigrant leeches who are sucking the life blood from the economy.

None of these strong character distinctions are present in the psyche' of the average socialist freeloader.

Russia discovered, eventually, that the great socialist experiment was a total failure.

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