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The United States is losing the War on Terror

Do you agree with the statement above? What would be your reasons for disagreeing or agreeing with the above mentioned statement?


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yes, its fact. we cannot defeat terrorism no matter how hard we try and it would be inacurate to say we are.

while we are dealling with terrorism through counter terrorist methods, it is unrealistic to say we are beating it.

the problem with terrorism is that although you can argue we are in afghanistan to prevent it, a majority of terrorism nowadays comes from within our own countries, because of extremist websites and radicalisation.

we are doing well against terrorism, but no matter what we do, it isnt something you can beat

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We're killing more of them then they are of us. From a military standpoint, that means we're winning. And another facet of middle eastern culture that works against terrorism is the intense hatred most people have of organizations like the Taliban or Al-Quida. These extremest groups have little to no kinship with the majority of the middle eastern population because anyone who doesn't agree with their radical beliefs are "infidels". As a result, these groups often rampage through villages, killing and plundering as they go. The hatred people have of these groups is so strong in fact, it is not unheard of for fathers to kill their own sons who choose to join the Taliban or Al-Queda. Needless to say, most people in Iraq and Afghanistan were quite pleased with the United States dealing with their extremist group problems. This common goal will be an effective weapon against terrorism long after the US military departs.

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NO!!! The reason is the whole point of the war is to protect the UNITED STATES and the armed forces being in Iraq and Afghanistan are able to stop 70-80 percent of the small arms attacks and are winning the logistics battle in Afgan due to the hard learned lessons about IED's in Iraq. Is it going easy no but the slow grinding battle is slowly turning in our direction. Now is Iraq going to be an All American loving society probably not but that is what it is as long as they have a popular government that is all that matters (by that I mean on that the majority of Iraqis support)

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I don't think we are losing. Although I don't know what the definition of victory is in this case, but I think we have made significant progress. I think we were right to fight terrorism at the heart. The Afghanis have come a long way. They are becoming more capable and independent, but there is still progress to be made. Of course terrorism is popping up in other places, and we obviously can't go invading every terrorist nation, so I think it is important that domestically we maintain a zero tolerance policy with terrorists, and stop treating domestic terrorist as criminal instead of combatants.

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