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 The abortion debate... Woman's conveinence vs Baby's life. (8)

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The abortion debate... Woman's conveinence vs Baby's life.

We are not talking about extreme case abortions, so keep your responses to the vast vast majority of abortions that are performed out of convenience.

A fetus is the medical name for an unborn Baby! It's a human life no matter how much you try to claim otherwise. During all Pregnancies, there are two lives involved, not just the mother's.

The abortion debate can only come down to one point of argument... is an unborn baby an innocent living human life, or not. That's the question at hand. It matters not all your ludicrous excuses of possible hard lives, poverty, choice, etc. etc.

It can only come down to that one simple question. Is it a human life or not? Science has weighed in on the issue and states it is a human life at conception! PERIOD!

Remember Science? That institution you so fervently applaud when they agree with you on other issues of contention, but when it comes to abortion? You deny Science!
You call that baby a clump of tissue, a Fetus that has no right to life.

All innocent life deserves protection! That is what makes us a part of humanity. We as a civilized community can not carve out exceptions for particular groups of people that may be considered inconveniences.

We don't round up all the Special need's people in the world and kill them out of convenience. NO! We protect all innocent life no matter their differences, their age, young or old.
We don't round up all the Foster children and execute them for cost to society. NO! They are living growing human beings deserving of protection!

So the next time you create yet one more Pro abortion debate, please remember the only important facts of the issue. Is it a living human life or not?

You don't want a Baby? Use birth control, say no to sex, get a tubal, a vasectomy. This is not rocket science. It's your choice if you do not want to get pregnant.
After you do get pregnant, it should be a matter of law and order protecting all innocent life. There are two lives involved in a pregnancy. REMEMBER THAT!

If it's the life of mother at stake, then it will be her choice. It's better to save one life then lose two.
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Yess to men who don’t want kids to get a vasectomy. Then we won’t have this debate anymore!

So lemme get this straight. Guy kills several women with torture goes to prison. It is allegedly cruel to stick a needle in his arm, but a 6 month unborn baby girl gets stabbed in the heart with poin, and the alleged butcher gets a paycheck, due to leftist feelings. I'm sorry, but fuck leftists. Thank you.

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Giving life to a newborn child is in the hand of women. If she wants then she can kill that buy assignment child but that is not good as it is against the natural laws of nature. And at the same time, it is not good for the health of the mother as well.

FromWithin(8239) Disputed
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So you are saying that killing an innocent life is not good, but should be legal for a woman to do so.

Why is it that if someone wants to kill you, it would not be a good thing, but you will not give them the free choice to do so. Why is your life deserving of protection, but that innocent baby has no right to protection?

It truly is amazing how choicers justify in their self consumed convenience that they have a right to pick and choose which lives can be sacrificed.

Please do not bring up extreme cases for your excuses. Neither side is disputing these exceptions.

Keal192NXQ2(70) Disputed
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The baby is not sentient enough to understand what is going on. Thus, anything that we assume on the baby's motive is only our interpretation.