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 The best QB in the NFL is... (6)

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The best QB in the NFL is...

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Seeing as Peyton Manning and Tom Brady have strong supporting cast I'm going to go with Donovan McNabb, the guy makes plays with his feet as well as with his arm.

Side: McNabb
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Mcnabb!?!?!?!? Not by a long shot!!! Drew Brees is the man.

Side: Brees
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inconsistent sometimes but extends plays better then anyone else. 2 superbowl rings! better then manning and brady throws short passes most of the time which is cheap if you ask me

Side: Ben Roethlisberger
pujolspals(198) Disputed
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HA! I'm just going to laugh at your choice! Take a look at all the QBs in the league. Ya sure Big Ben has two rings. Doesn't make him any better. Look at Pitt this year. Isn't their record 6-7? Manning, Brees, and Brady are all having much better then him. I would probably say that Ben isn't even one of the best ten QBs in the league

Side: Brees

It is now 2015 and I will opine that Russell Wilson is the best NFL Quarterback.

Side: Brees
Troy8(2433) Disputed
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What are you smoking? Nobody can even come close to Aaron Rodgers.

Side: Brees