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The constant monitoring of our health does more harm than good

In today's day and age where personal health is on everyone's mind and possible issues concerning our health can be accessed in an instant through technology and media, we often find ourselves constantly monitoring or even obsessing over our health; today we ask, is this in itself a healthy practise, or does it cause more harm than good?

It does more harm than good

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It is necessary/worthwhile

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One aspect of this debate can focus in on specifics like fitness bands:

Over the last few years, fitness bands such as Fitbit and Jawbones, have seen an explosion in popularity. These wearables, which monitor activity levels, heart rate and sleep patterns, account for three out of four of the sales of wearable technology in the United States. The popularity of fitness bands ties into a wider trend of using technology to monitor our individual health.However the use of these fitness bands and health apps is untested and unscientific, while constant health monitoring could generate anxiety and a new generation of worried well.

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Hmm i don't know about that, such technology and greater monitoring of our health could save the NHS money, transform how we care for the elderly, and usher in a new age of personalised care

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The use of wearables and smartphones in health care is, untested and unscientific, and risks the over-diagnosis of health problems, with people unable to distinguish between harmless variation, faulty readings or genuine ill- health. Critically, there is no scientific evidence that wearables or apps improve health, and doctors are reporting huge rises in the healthy patients who, fuelled by Google searches, are diagnosing themselves with everything from food allergies to brain tumours; this not only costs the NHS millions, but evidence suggests that extreme anxiety can actually be a cause for illness.

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In regards to a healthcare revolution to be ushered in by modern technology, ,cDr Eric Topol, a Californian cardiologist, predicts a future where smartphones will easily analyse, explain and transmit all relevant physiological data to the doctor, without the patient having to visit the surgery itself . In this vision of the future, hospitals may be unnecessary, with services “performed in the comfort of our own home. Seeing our own data on our devices. In charge". Healthcare may change so rapidly some argue, that an individual may not need to see a human doctor throughout the whole treatment process: the patient will diagnose themselves with the help of monitoring data; undergo surgery by an automated robot; and receive aftercare from C3PO in scrubs

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The truth is somewhere in the middle. There are clearly people who obsess about it too much, as well as there is waste in a system that has to do a test or procedure on just about everything. But likewise, there are people whom owe their lives to early detection of a problem, or to simply years of good preventive behavior including monitoring their weight and blood pressure and such. It's a mix.

But I voted on this side because I'd rather not go back to last century when most people only went to the doctor when something went horribly wrong and it was already too late.

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As we head towards a time of total integration of technology, we must embrace the monitoring of our wellbeing to advance to a higher level of personal medicinal practise. To avoid this, or claim that it does more harm that good, is not looking to the future, but trying to hold back what could become a step in the right direction for the future of healthcare.

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