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 The end of the US dollar (is fast approaching) (12)

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The end of the US dollar (is fast approaching)

I just watched this video

and its terrifying, because its all true, major countries are shifting away from the dollar because we just keep printing more and more of it, and its losing value. They are sick of having our currency as the reserve currency, and i guess there was a secret meeting last year in which the US was not involved, and it was with china, russia, japan, france, and the middle east and they were discussing switching their reserve currency off from the dollar.

Americans, if you dont understand this, it means we are literally FUCKED. We do not export any products, we only import products, which means if other countries go off the dollar, we wont be able to buy imports any more, especially oil, which is a mighty player in our country, sure we have our own oil reserves, but the prices would go way, way, way up.

This is the end of america, at least for a while, because prices are going to skyrocket so far up we wont be able to buy anything...


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Bitcoin is the future of currency. Purely digital (with the ability to buy physical coins as well), Bitcoins are a new form of open source cryptocurrency. Despite how people keep saying they're bound to fail, they started being worth less than a cent, to now being worth almost exactly $10 each.

The dollar is dead. The dollar will continue to have "value" until enough people make the switch to bitcoin. Once bitcoin is used by about more than 30% of the US population (Europe too), I can easily see a massive landslide happening in favor of the much easier to use and more secure bitcoin.

Supporting Evidence: Bitcoin (

All we have to do is nuke those who are not compliant to our will ;)

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Why don't you just change your currency?

If I was the king of the world, I would make only one currency for everyone.

Wouldn't that solve a lot of problems? Seriously, why don't all countries change their currency to one?

Once that is done, we can try having only one language too.

We can make the Euro global - change it's name to Worldo or Eartho

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Why would we make the euro global? Its already quite close to becoming worthless paper.

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Well I didn't mean any specific currency.. I just said euro .. because that was the currency I was thinking about.

But my point was just that we should all just have one currency - doesn't matter to me what kind it is.

Alright, its not just us who is fucked, it is the rest of the world who is also fucked. Europe will be the first to collapse, then America and then the rest of the world will be dragged down to, eventually the global economy will recover but don't get your hopes up because your still going to get screwed over pretty bad.

And please, no one say "oh, well what about China, will they get screwed over?" let me ask you this, if China's main source of income is exports to Europe and America, you think when these two places go into an economic meltdown that China won't be effected, no where will be safe, this will be felt world wide.

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We should all change to Creds/Credits as a galactic currency!

I'd like to see the end of all money, it's just a big fucking game of monopoly where we play with actual human lives.

"I'd like to see the end of all money"

The human race is nowhere near ready for such a thing, we'll exterminate ourselves first in all probability.

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As said in numerous comments above - the Euro is failing alongside the Dollar, although half of us don't realise. In all honesty, I hope the whole thing comes crashing down around our heads - it'll give us a chance to reset the mess of a global economy. Thing is - once one goes, and it will, the rest will follow seeing as we have a flawed capitalist economy and governments willing to spend every last penny, then some more.

Countries say they can pay back loans, promptly get into debt - no-one cares since they said they could pay it back. If I (an unemployed student) could go to the bank and say "Yeah, I can pay it back,", the world would end. Look at these CIA figures on national debt, and try to act surprised. The inevitability of the whole thing is crazy, and yet the governments still think they can sort it. It will not be sorted. Anyone - and I mean anyone - who thinks the US, Spain, UK or anyone on the negative end of that list can repay their money, is an absolute maniac.;=us®ionCode;=noa&rank;=192#us

- It didn't work putting it below

It is now 2015 and the United States dollar is still going strong.