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 The environment is more important than viable babies (3)

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The environment is more important than viable babies

All life on the planet relies on the environment. If you don't care about the ecosystem as a whole more than any individual lifeform then you don't care about life at all ultimately.
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Replace the words "viable babies" in your debate title, with Jews, Blacks, or any other group of people sacrificed for convenience.

If Hitler believed that Climate change was more important then the lives of Jewish people, who are you to say otherwise?

How about supporting the humanity of protecting innocent lives as well as protecting the environment? If those on the Left were pro life, we on the Right would respect their passions, and actually take them seriously.

We have a hard time taking Climate Change activists seriously when they lack the simple humanity to care for innocent viable babies that do feel pain when being dismembered.

Why is it that Climate Change activists can not talk and chew gum at the same time?

You are doing what every other deceptive Leftist has done. You try to say that those on the Right have no caring for our world's environment. That is a complete lie!

We on the Right want to see the exaggerated claims of Climate Change activists coming true. The Oceans are not rising anywhere near the rates they have claimed.

They claimed we would have record numbers of Hurricanes on the East Coast and Florida, and the facts are we had record FEW Hurricanes.

They said east coastal homes would be sitting in water by now, and they are not!

The day I believe a doomsday environmentalist's claims, will be the day that their claims actually come true. Environmentalists have always hated fossil fuels, and it's these same environmentalists who were pushing Global cooling a few decades ago.

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Replace the words "viable babies" in your debate title, with Jews, Blacks

Lol. Oh, so now the deception spewer hates Jews and blacks? When did this happen? I mean, I knew you hated blacks, but I thought you loved Jews?