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The hypocrisy of Pro-Life Conservatives?

I was just gonna post this as "Pro-lifers", but I didn't want to generalise too much.

In general though (lol), pro-lifers tend to be conservatives. Conservatives believe in the limitation of government on issues that are not black and white. So why is it that on abortion, an issue that is not black and white (and I defy those who say so), do conservative pro-lifers want government regulation on abortion? I know that they will argue that it's the infringement of a life worth defending on a federal level, but because that's contentious, shouldn't the conservative in them say that government should stay out of it?

Well, that's Chuck's merry Christmas debate, hopefully you'll all be pissed off in time for Santa ;)

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And their hypocrisy extends if they are for the Death Penalty. It's like you want to save a baby from abortion just to kill it 30 years later after it has killed possibly many other people.

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It has nothing to do with life or death. We don't care about whether someone is dead or alive; we care about justice.

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The ones that are hypocrites could be defined as not truly conservative at all, but the unfortunate fact is that the true conservatives are vastly outnumbered by the hypocrites that call themselves conservatives.

But I digress. The people you are speaking of are most definitely hypocritical.

They believe in small government and less regulation, unless you're a woman, in which case they think a doctor should be legally allowed to rape you if you want to do certain things with your body. That hypocrisy.

"Oh, but, they don't believe in smaller government in relation to criminal acts, like murder."

The belief that abortion is murder is a religious belief. It is not factually murder. For a 'conservative' to take precedence with his religious views above his political ones in this situation is to violate the standard of Separation of Church and State, which makes him a hypocrite. End of story.

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It is comical to hear about justice and the rights of innocents as if no innocent Arab men were sodomized and tortured by W.A.S.P. (white Anglo Saxon Protestants). Were no babies incinerated by missiles developed and distributed by these same hypocritical neo-cons? At least the aborted fetus won't feel the hell-fire coming from an A-10 strafing, shredding its body to pieces. Don't make this about rights of babies, it's obviously about control.

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You must understand that for many conservatives, this is a black and white issue and there is simply no room for dissent in the question of abortion.

Simply put, to conservatives it is the killing of innocent human beings. The position is that the intentional taking of an innocent life is not the kind of moral decision people should be entitled to make. The state needs to regulate and enforce law so that people wouldn't kill each other and since abortion is not distinguished from murder, the state must also prevent that as well.

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You see, with abortion it is a black and white issue. No matter which way you cut it, abortion is killing, no way around it, however, what separates conservatives from liberals is that liberals don't consider it to be a person and un-deserving of human rights, where as conservatives think it deserves human rights.

So, if the issue is kill or not to kill, is always going to be black and white. Conservatives are not against all regulation, they just believe (and rightfully so) that most regulations put into effect by democrats are not good. You could make the argument "well, they want murder to be illegal, what about all this no more regulation stuff? hypocrisy!" they don't want more regulation in everything, they just think that the life of a human trumps the emotions of another.

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A fetus had no human rights until it is born because it is inside the woman's body, therefore, she owns the fetus until birth. Woman own whatever is inside their body even if it growing inside her.

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It is a human, you should not be allowed to own humans, well, that's just my belief. I am against any human having a say in whether another human should die, that is why I am against Abortion and Capital Punishment.

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Just because people are pro-life, doesnt mean that they are hypocrites. We just think that it is morally unjust to kill people without even letting them bring into the world. Abortion is a conservative argument, wherein people believe that an innocent life still has its values, just like the not so innocent people. People have different insights about abortion, and also there are different reasons why people do it. There is nothing wrong in believing that fetuses would bring the world a change when they grow up.

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Not everyone on the pro-life side is like that, and there are people on the pro-choice side who are like that.

I agree with you, it is too tricky of an issue to make it black and white, so why are there pro-choice members demanding unrestricted rights to abortion. This includes sex-selective abortion, which contradicts typical liberal arguments for civil rights as this type of abortion is a discrimination against women.

Now i am not saying one side is better than the other, i am just saying that both sides have their fair share of Hypocrisies.

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I don't personally see how abortion isn't a black and white issue. You are either for murder, or you are against it. Simple.

Of course, I suppose it's more a shade of gray if you dehumanize the infant, so meh. While I can see why people might view it as such, I can see it being black and white among those who value life, myself included.

I don't have to be Conservative to hold that viewpoint, either. I'd have it no matter what my political alignment was.

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They are not hippopotocrites, they ARE however hypocrites ;)

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The hypocrisy of Pro-Life Conservatives pales in comparison to the hypocrisy of Pro-Choice Liberals ;)

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