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The intolerance of Liberal elites towards Conservatives is another form of racis

Here we have one of the partisan Democrat law professor witnesses, who was caught in past remarks on a Podcast, telling the world how Conservatives don't even like being around each other. She also called Trump's son Barron Trump!
These are the Law Professors training up the Millenials to become future fake news journalists.

It amazes me watching the Left's conditional view of "Tolerance" towards diversity. I guess Conservatives do not deserve tolerance from these Liberal elites.
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So how is it when Liberals lump Conservatives into one group, "or color", as being all the same, is this not hateful intolerant racism?

When I lump Democrats into one group who support No Restriction abortions, it's because IT'S THE TRUTH!

There were only two or three Democrat Senators who voted for the GOP 20 week late term abortion compromise.

Every Republican voted for it except for a couple!

This is the difference between the Left and Right. The Left constantly lies about Conservatives being racists, or Misogynist, or homophobes, etc. etc.

The things I say about the Left is true for the vast majority.