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 The latest abortion limit no longer stops at pain & viablilty. It's now called Sentience. (10)

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The latest abortion limit no longer stops at pain & viablilty. It's now called Sentience.

Finally the Democrat Party has fessed up to the American people, and admitted that they do not care if a baby feels pain when being dismembered, or if it is viable.

Their barbaric selfishness has finally been admitted, that they believe it ok to kill any baby for any reason up to birth. The evidence to their inhuman barbarity is now public knowledge, so they could no longer pretend they care if the baby feels pain, or is viable.

Now they say the magical point when life begins is when it becomes "Sentient".

"Sentient Being Definition: A creature that can suffer and feel pain; mostly animals and humans.
The abilities necessary for sentience appear at a certain stage in humans, as in other species, and brain damage can result in those abilities being lost so not all humans are sentient.

Wait a minute! These viable babies do feel pain! They are not brain damaged!

According to this definition, a temprorary brain damged person is no longer a Sentient beiing, and therefore under pro abortion logic, can be killed.

You say you do not support killing viable babies who do feel pain? If that is true you can not vote for any of the Democrat Presidential candidates, because they ALL support No Restriction abortions as well as forcing all people to pay for it.

Search your humanity when voting!

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You will notice how the radical Left has told all it's followers what to say when questioned about their barbaric support of killing viable babies.

The new buzz word is "Sentient"

Remember that as we hear the word over and over again.

The slippery slope of abortion...

What started as supporting abortions for life of mother, progressed to 1st trimester, 2nd trimester, feeling pain, viability, and now supporting killing babies up to birth.

Now the latest excuse for taking an innocent life is saying it has yet to reach "Sentience"

Is this what Progressives call Progress?

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If the mother's life is in danger, she has the right to abort. If I had endangered my mother's life before I was born, she would have had the right to abort me.

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Why are you talking about life of mother abortions when I said they are not what we are talking about? No one disputes life of mother abortions.