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Many women, real-women that is,who participate in athletics have deserted sports altogether due to the unfairness of having to accept competing against psychotic men-in-knickers.

My definition of a real-woman is someone who has female genitalia and the physical anatomy which enables her to bear children.

This is in stark contrast to some square-jawed, muscular Rambo lookalike whose male genitalia is bulging through their pink, female leotard with built-in boobs.

Such freakish creatures are usually smothered in facial make up including thick lipstick.

This utter nonsense typifies the looney-leftist's madcap attempts at denying and defying nature.

Competitive sports should have three categories.

1) Female.

)2 male.

3) Transgender.

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Unsurprisingly enough, many of the men who make this transition, were at the point in their careers. Where they were probably at the lowest levels in the male divisions.

Though that seems to be more than enough to allow them to completely smash through currently held records. Though this also comes on the heels of some strange movement for equality. It's hard to say that you're vouching for equality, when one participant can more easily destroy the hard earned achievements of the other. Simply because they've had the benefit of living through the later stages of puberty, and possess denser bone and muscle structure.

It's not a fair shake, in my own opinion.

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