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The meaning of life

what is the meaning of life? why do we hold it so dear? what does it mean? is there one way to

live that is better than another? what is its purpose, if life leads to death? Is it how we lived? or how we died, that matters.

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Pff, the only meaning life has is the meaning you create. It's true. You could spend an eternity searching for the answer to every question in existence and still not know just exactly why you popped up rather than someone or something else. I used to be a Baptist. I mean, I figured, "Hey, there's really only one answer and since my mom likes that one I should probably go with that."

But soon the idea that anyone on earth could possibly have the right answer became unrealistic and stupid. When I was 11 years old, I wrestled with this. Yeah, when I was 11. It tore the living fuck out of me. It was just so amazingly confusing that it lead me to try to kill myself to find the answer... Needless to say, I failed. Thrice.

Later, much later, I had an epiphany. If there is a god, I'd rather not know. If there isn't I'd still rather not know. Why? Because it gives urgency to the meaningless. It becomes a crutch and a source of an unrealistic sense of fulfillment. So instead of worrying what the meaning of life is to someone else, or what it might be for everyone. I'll make the meaning to my life myself. And anyone who doesn't like it can kiss my ass while I dance with the thunder and rain until I the day I die~

So maybe it's not really a Jesus thing or a 'you have to have faith thing' but when I get up in the morning, I can smile. And that is golden.

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I think the meaning of life is being joe_cavalry. You see, joe_cavalry is not a person, it is a life style; an attitude towards life. That attitude is to charge right in there and make people laugh and if they take themselves too seriously, give them a hard time until they lighten up ;) You also have to add to the chaos and confusion because doing so will create things that are absurd/ironic and things that are absurd/ironic are always funny ;) Then, once people see the madness for what it truly is, they are able to better decide what course of action to take and you are thus helping them. Then, when they see you coming, they can say, "Here comes the cavalry!" ;) The_meaning_of_life_finally_revealed

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There is no meaning, it doesn't matter what you do. If eating as many peaches as you can is your life's goal then go for it - it doesn't matter inwardly or outwardly - you're going to die in a few decades regardless.

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To do more good than harm and to value success in terms of happiness not money.

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The meaning of life is to eat, drink, poop, pee, have sex and sleep. not necessarily in that order ;)

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Live every day as if it is going to be your last day here on Earth.

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The meaning of Life, “What is it?” This is probably the most asked question. The answer, I will answer how it is now and today. It is that we are all on the highway to Hell. You probably think “WOW, what encouraging words.” But I ain’t through yet. Let me tell you why were on the highway to Hell. Sin! “What is sin?” you might ask. It is breaking just one of the Ten Commandments. You probably see this and ask “So, I broke one maybe, Ok maybe one every day, but why do I still go to Hell for that?” This is the question that is easy to answer. Romans 6:23a “For the wages of sin is death.” ONE SIN. That is why we deserve Hell, because it is our wages our payment for it. Exactly, as if we were a convict and we were found guilty. We would have to pay for the crime that we committed. But! There is a great part to this verse as well. Notice, that is only part A of the verse part B is where it gets really great. It says in Romans 6:23b “BUT the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” AMEN! HALLELUJAH! This is what can change the meaning of life like that. Why? Because, once you accept the gift, which is Jesus as Saviour, the Holy Spirit will dwell in side you and you receive eternal life which is the gift. When this happens your meaning of life changes, you are not on the path to Hell anymore. You are on the path to Heaven and you will want to tell everybody what Jesus did for you and for them on the cross two-thousand years ago. That is what I am doing right now, while trying to show you the meaning of life as a lost person and as a Saved person.

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Warlin(1212) Disputed
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Contrary to what you may or may not have heard, Create Debate is not a soap box. And it is my personal opinion that if you live your life righteously for the sake of getting into heaven, and this is your only excuse, you've damned yourself from the start.

"The key to the kingdom of heaven is a key that cannot be obtained once coveted."

Goodness for goodness sake, bud.

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