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The more I learn, the more I learn how little I know. -- Socrates


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I probably agree with this statement.The more I learn the more I forget.I don't know why, but it seems so, and I think I don't know anything.Maybe I just inspire for myself ,and it is not right.Learning more results in that,person became more clever and become more broad outlook.

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In my opinion it is true. When you learn something, then the new door opens to you, which has other things. The more you learn, the more doors are open for you, so your own world becomes wider. After learning something you can see that it is not the end, it is just a begining. Socrates view point is so phylosofical.

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One cannot know everything in a single lifetime. Therefore it is adherent that the more we know, we want to know.

An example would be learning the art of warfare. Once you have learned melee combat than you would like to learn range warfare then so on. You start to enter a loop of never ending thirst for knowledge.

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That is my motto i follow every day. The more i think i know, the more i realize i don't know much at all.

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The actual quote is, "I know one thing: that I know nothing," a well-known saying that is derived from Plato's account of Socrates.

This is simple logic. If I learn about a given subject, I gain knowledge about it. My expanded comprehension allows me to understand more about an area that is more difficult to understand. That, in turn, reveals to me that what I thought was the sum of all knowledge in this facet of learning was only the beginning, the tip of the iceberg.

When I began studying biochemistry, I had no idea how expansive that realm was. It was like a magical realm where every box is bigger on the inside than it appears to be on the outside. Twelve years later, I never cease to be amazed, and the world keeps getting bigger.

Another example is that of children's books: they present a simple subject - a small "box." However, we as adults see a fuller, larger picture - never the complete picture, but definitely one that has grown in size as our acquisition of knowledge increased.

So the better way of understanding the saying is:

The more knowledge that you acquire, the more you will understand how little you know in comparison to the sum of all knowledge - because with every new bit of information that you gain, your understanding expands to the point that you now are able to comprehend things that you were not able to before.

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It doesn't have to be restricted to that! There would be a point where what you learn makes what little you know more wider and extensive, therefore changing your opinion that you know little, since learning more makes it grow from little to large.

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more knowlege makes you want more a neverending chase that why it was told you eat of it you chase cause a human brain cant comprehend everything it would be nice then you sound like an asshole when you bring it up

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