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 The most powerful activist groups will now dictate what's natural, no longer Science! (1)

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The most powerful activist groups will now dictate what's natural, no longer Science!

Our world's Science is being rewritten by Democrat funded LGBT activist groups. The Science of Biology no longer dictates the natural order to our bodies and the natural heterosexual design.

Everything is being turned upside down by an extreme Left wing Democrat Party and their political base of LGBT activists.

Just because we have small segments of our population who have unnatural desires towards, same sex, towards children, multiple spouses, animals, corpses, etc. etc., does not mean we must sanction and embrace these things.

There is such a thing as, understanding that people have these unnatural desires, having tolerance for people who are different, not bullying them, giving them certain civil rights, etc. etc., WITHOUT embracing the orientation as being a natural normal part of Biology and life.

Why is it the Democrat Party wants to indoctrinate our children in public schools to embrace these unnatural sexual attractions as being perfectly natural sexual alternatives to how we are designed?

One word......... POLITICS! It's all about big money and votes.

The Democrat Party has sold it's soul to whatever activist groups gives them the most support. They no longer care about your impressionable children. They have no problem with kids experimenting with all types of unnatural sex.

We are already seeing Transgender groups talking to our Kindergartners about issues they are far too young to even grasp! This is sick, and what's worse they do it against the will of the parents!

We have Drag Queens talking to our children in Libraries!

Talk about the arrogance of the Left, pushing their unnatural alphabet of LGBT activists into our schools, libraries, wherever they can indoctrinate our children to this Political Correct lunacy.

Stop electing these Democrats who have sold their souls to the latest flavor of the year sexual orientation. They are conditioning your children to believe that the Science of Biology no longer applies. Experiment kids, who knows what you are! You might have thoughts of being a boy or girl while going through puberty. Embrace it! Experiment! This is their message to our children!

Stop the madness!
This is not about tolerance of diversity. This is about indoctrination of our youth to become good little Political correct Democrats.
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How would you Liberals like having extreme Churches like Westboro indoctrinating your children in public schools and Libraries?

Why is it you are such phonies when it comes to your conditional outrage?

Why is it ok for extreme LGBT groups, Drag Queens, etc. to have access to our impressionable children, when YOU agree with the issue?

Here's an idea, how about respecting our differences and keeping politics out of our schools and Libraries?

This is little difference then some nut job in a rain coat getting to speak to our children.