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The new version of this site is cool....


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No, old is gold!

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I don't really know the advancements though i think that i is cool!

I hope it impresses every one!

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This new version pisses me off. Everytime I go to the top of the page to click on one of the menu items below the first line of menu items, I get the menu item above blocking the menu item below. It sucks.

This new interface slows me down more than the 50 character limit ever did ;)

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The new version of this site is cool....

one, two, three... NOT.

I hate the pictures at the top, especially on my iphone, but even when I use my laptop.

It went from looking professional and clean to a high school web design project.

You have time to ruin the site, but not fix the fact that I can't enter a debate description on my iphone? Something I've been bringing to y'alls attention for months now?

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Yeah there's all kinds of problems with the description. You can't post videos anymore, links, sometimes I can't even type in it at all, it's crap.

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Well it's okay but when I drag my arrow across the top buttons those toolbars drop, kind of annoying.

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