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The older atheists get the more they lash out at God


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The older theists get the more the more gay they become.

The older atheists get the more likely they are to become theists because they are afraid of dying.

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AlofRI(2847) Clarified
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I'm neither afraid NOR gay. We ALL have to die. I can't think of anyone who has skipped the process. Nothing to be afraid of ... other than long term suffering ... something NOBODY should have to go through. Good luck with that.

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I'm pretty old and Atheist, but I don't "lash out at God". I "lash out" at believers that want to make our Constitution "Biblical", "Old Testament", make our country a "Christian Nation" so they can make war on other nations that have "other beliefs" ... as Christian nations and Muslim nations and Jewish nations have done for centuries. Hmmm, what's that thing about doing the same thing over and over??

If this is "GODS" creation, let HIM straighten out those that are wrong! His "creations" have bungled the job for centuries! Men, women, children! Abortions of ALL levels of development! Religious wars have aborted more fetuses than every abortion clinic in the world! (But, in GODS name ... which somehow makes it right!) THAT'S what I lash out against! I've never lashed out against someone's "god", (Anyone's god"), just the way they USE it to justify hate, genocide, and profit!

(Heeeeeere comes -FromWithin)!

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Godzilla(63) Disputed
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Gotta love libs saying they hate making a document that they don't believe in more conservative when only conservatives believe in the Constitution.

And how exactly does someone try to make the Constitution "more Biblical"?

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AlofRI(2847) Clarified
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I hate it when cons try to make the Constitution religious. Meaning it's a useless document that's meant to CONTROL the world for the elite churchmen ... just like it did in Europe. Once again people will try to find a new place where they can be free ... and have to go to war to defend that freedom! History forgotten, and repeated.

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OmegaPan(725) Disputed
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So was Obama turning the Middle East into napalm a religious war?

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