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Go after him. Leave it alone.
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The one that got away.

So my ex and I where together on and off for about 4 years. I have known him for 5. I thought he was the one and yes we have had our issues no lie. We  live far apart and we fight but I truly belive he is the one for me. Im not going to lie he is always on my mind and I want to be with him but is it worth the pain. I know he hates long distance he says its just a tease. Should I stop dating and go after him or keep dating and forget about him (it isnt possible to forget about him)

Go after him.

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Leave it alone.

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I'm not going to advise you, because I myself wouldn't even follow my relationship advice. But you can be thankful that at least he didn't drive off a cliff while swerving around fallen rocks that he didn't see as he had been gazing at a photo of you, kept in his car. That was a good song, actually.

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I say go after him. I've been in that situation before. Yeah, it really sucks because you can't see them a lot, but for me I'd way rather have him then just to sit around constantly thinking of him and knowing he could start going out with all of these other girls..That would personally be something I couldn't/can't go through.

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Agreed but he dosnt want a long distance relationship although the chances are hes moving down here soon

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When two people can actually live together happily ever after, when they even want to, it can be an inspiring thing for those who are into that kind of thing, understandably. Even I'm moved by a love story now and then. Titanic made me cry ;p

But that there is a "one" even to "get away," is vastly underestimating the human population.

That is not to take away from what you may feel about that one person, or what anyone feels about another person,

it is to point out that people have the capacity to think fondly on someone and at the very same time continue their life, even find someone they feel equally or more strongly (if differently) about.

If they are saying they do not want a long distance relationship, they want to move on. You can drag it out, but you are only punishing yourself.

If you want to keep a spark of hope alive for a time that's natural. Hell, my uncle ended up marrying his high school gf when they randomly met in their late 30's, all Philidelphia (whatever that movie is) style.

But life is too short. File the feeling under a great life experience, stay friends if you can, but don't deprive yourself of life...

All of that said, taking time to do it is fine, normal even. You'd be weird if you were not conflicted for a descent amount of time about the whole thing.

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he dose say he wants it to is my only comment to that and thanks for the answer

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