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 The only person, place, or thing, you need to ask permission to think 4 yourself (7)

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The only person, place, or thing, you need to ask permission to think 4 yourself

I don't care if you are 5 years old, or 50, when it comes to wisdom, you go straight to God First, and straight to God Last. I was born not giving a shit. I am done asking permission from the left or the right, about what I can and cannot think The truth is, there are several collectist political movements, and it is dishonest to blame ALLL of it on leftists/progressives. Geore Bush Sr. spoke of a New World Order, and Jr. was not different. Left versus right as your mandaty false dichotomy fallacy. Think for yourself, and seek YeshuaFIRST!
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Jody(1792) Banned
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Great thanks for the “heads up “ ......I found a Bible verse that mentions you ......😳

Ezekiel 23:20

“There she lusted after her lovers, whose genitals were like those of donkeys and whose emission was like that of horses.”

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I am saving myself for marriage, so shove your slander up your ass, and shit it out.

I'll see your invisible friend and raise you a divine turtle that carries the whole universe on its back.

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Shall I wear my clown costume, tap dance, and sing, Tragedy by the Bee Gees?

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I'm 84 ... when it comes to wisdom, and I can't find it in a book of contradictions, a book that has hundreds of different "interpretations" by thousands of different cults over the centuries, not to mention OTHER books by THEE author giving many totally different "instructions.

You ARE correct. The only person, place, or thing you need to ask is yourself. That makes YOU responsible for your acts. You can't say "Da devil made me do it!" (OR de udder guy ;-)!

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I never said it is wrong to accept wisdom, but sometimes, people need, to back off. Awesome on being 84.

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Most people can't, and never will be able to think for themselves and that is the main reason why the manmade religions are still flourishing throughout the world.

It also explains why so many people are easily regimented and will do as they're ordered, such as The Charge of The Light Brigade, and, as is recorded, when on regular occasions during WW1, British Troops obeyed their orders to empty the ammunition from their rifles, fix bayonets and walk across no-man's land towards the German machine guns.

If they had been thinking for themselves they would have emptied the ammunition from their rifles into the officers each time they issued those suicidal orders.