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 The people I ban refuse to admit why. They are the fake news Liberals who always deceive. (4)

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The people I ban refuse to admit why. They are the fake news Liberals who always deceive.

I've explained many many times the reasons for banning people from my debates. It's not rocket science but the deceivers, like most Liberals, refuse to take accountability for their actions.

For those who are new to this site, I will once again explain what not to do on my debates if you actually want to exchange thoughts.
It's quite simple...

1) Don't use vulgar language.
2) Don't come on to my debate to simply insult me. Either respond to the actual debate issue in a civil manner, or you are gone!
3) Do not be a deceptive person. Do not deny the obvious truth of what you support with your vote.

Now there are a few people who do not fit into 1) or 2), such as Excon & Mint_tea, Mingiwuwu, etc.
They are usually civil, seldom using vulgar language, etc.

They get banned because of 3). They are very deceptive people who refuse to admit what they support when voting for the political Left.
A simple example of being deceptive? Many Liberals refuse to admit that they support No Restriction abortions when voting for the Democrat Party keeping it legal for any reason. How can there be an intelligent debate when one side refuses to even admit what he supports with his vote?
It's a total waste of time bantering words with people denying the obvious truth.

Topping this all off are the constant lies put forth by these same people to why they are banned. They all say the same laughable thing...

"Fromwithin bans people for simply disagreeing with him".

ROFLOL... I mean come on! Even these childish vulgar hateful fools have the nerve to say the same thing.

I will always give people second chances to get off my ban list, if they truly want to debate. THEY REFUSE to follow rules 1), 2) or 3).

Gee I wonder why they are banned?

It's your choice, you can choose to follow MY rules on MY debate, or you can choose to be banned. If you have any pride, you can't whine about being banned because it makes you look the childish fool.

I have no problem being banned from your debate, but you are usually desperate to personally insult me for my opinions, so you never do so.
If you took the time to create the debate, you can ban who you like. But of course, most of you are looking to get worthless points, so you seldom ban people. You don't even ban these hateful bigots who constantly spew profanities at you. GET SOME PRIDE! It's sickening to give these hate filled people a forum to spew their hate.
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Now we will listen to a bunch of children whining how I ban them for disagreeing with me.

LOL, what a sad insecure world these people live in.

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outlaw60(15500) Disputed
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LEFTIST just complain and you are the POSTER CHILD of COMPLAINERS !!!!!!!!!!!

outlaw60(15500) Disputed
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The problem you LEFTIST have is there must be a very SEVERE INFRACTION when anyone opposes you COMMIE LEFTIST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You like references ????????? Check with CNN and then get back to me with whatever UTTER INSANITY you got !!!!!!!!!!!!!!