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 The perfect weapon to take out a Socialist (7)

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Chinaman(2951) pic

The perfect weapon to take out a Socialist

Now that will work well.
The laser is already bore sighted at 60 feet.
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Socialist don't be upset there is this thang called the 2nd Amendment so get over it but don't bring your box cutter because that ain't gonna work.

Nommunist(37) Disputed Banned
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I own 60 different guns. some of them could probably hit you from here. Where is your house located? Maybe I can snipe you. I will snipe you when you walk out to get the mail in your underpants while sipping a beer tomorrow morning.

Chinaman(2951) Clarified
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Tell me all about the weapons you got there Little Socialist Gurl

scoop(1) Banned
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There is no more sand in the box .

kitty67(1) Disputed Banned
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oh how woeful it is, for wherest shalt i dispense of mine excretementory dischargicals?

poop13(1) Disputed Banned
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releaseth mine self into the mouth of a chinaman .