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The pure stupidity of the Marxist in today's world


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I agree, Marxists are stupid. What HE planned was SOO different from the social democratic economic system WE, the U.S., has been living with for years, when we WERE GREAT! We worked together to build our first responders, our schools, roads, libraries, National Parks, etc. under socialistic methods HE never would have gone along with … likely. But, OURS worked, his didn't!

NOW, some are trying to destroy what made America great with uncontrolled capitalism, and a government called an "oligarchy", which NOW exists in Marx's front yard! Yes, Marxism, as HE had it, is stupidity! Capitalism, as WE have it NOW, is stupidity! We need a mixture of both, the best parts, mixed with DEMOCRACY, (important)to make a GOOD system. Destroying the "democracy part", as Trump is DOING, is TOTALLY stupid!

Hootie(451) Disputed
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OURS worked, his didn't

He invented socialism you nitwit. If socialism worked then you have him to thank.

AlofRI(3160) Clarified
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I KNOW he invented socialism, but like ANY economic system there can be variants that make one form of it work better than another! The form WE have been using for years is FAR better than the original because it HAS been controlled within a democracy. It allows people to own what they build, his didn't. It allows capitalism to flourish, his didn't. OUR problem is capitalism has run out of control! It needs to be reined in, REASONABLY, so we don't get into …. or rather can get OUT OF our second oligarchy! Only someone who thinks the Russian model is better … like Trump, would want THAT!

Amarel(5140) Disputed
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Socialism predates Marx.

Do you know a single fuckin thing?

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Claims Marxists are stupid.

Attempts to prove it by posting cheesy photographs in which everybody is smiling. Typically of the type used by advertisers to convince you to buy their product.

I daresay none of the people smiling in those photographs belong to the group of forty million Americans officially classified as food insecure, amirite?

xMathFanx(1742) Clarified
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Food insecure? Would you please elaborate ?

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What point are you trying to make with all these images exactly? That capitalism promotes a heavy reliance on electronics and an obsession with shallow forms of entertainment? Because what I see is not prosperity, I see shallow celebrity culture, and people being enslaved by tablets and TVs and weird aesthetic choices for their motorcycle.

xMathFanx(1742) Clarified
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Nobody is forcing others to consume specific types of media that revolve around gossip or celebrity culture--that is all due to personal choice. If one wants to be detached from social media and electronics, they can--or, to choose the level they are comfortable with.

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I agree, Marxists are stupid

The looney tune in need of a therapist finally got one.