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The purpose of: Music

I listen to only bands that stand for things.

What are some of the other things that people listen to music for?

Or are you just for or against it?


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Music is many things. It can inspire, heal, calm, anger, sadden, annoy. It is one of the 'simple things in life,' yet it's powers over the mind are ceaseless.

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As I said in the topic.

I only listen to bands:

1. If they sound good.

2. If they write music about what they believe in.

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And that is our difference. I do not listen to bands. The most modern music I listen to is Johnny Cash and Frank Sinatra. I prefer Mendelssohn, Mozart, and the other German and Russian Masters.

Tell me, Sulith, do you think that the Germans are superior to others in the various fields such as literature, music, and art?

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I'm ok with the sounding good. Here's where I disagree: Bands do not have to write about what they believe in to sound good. For example, Stairway to Heaven isn't about anything in particular, but it's still great. Or take Foreplay/Longtime by Boston. Great song, lots of drug references. Boston was well known as a clean and drugfree band.

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I listen to music that takes me from myself. Music that shows me vast vistas of vexation and crazed corridors of contemplation. Music that suits me as well as those in my head. Music that tastes and feels, that smells and sees.


"If God is our father," you thought, "then Satan must be our cousin."

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The reasons vary. Sometimes I just want to chillout and put some calm music on so I can jam. Other times when I'm going on a mad one I feel like listening to something a bit more agressive.

Lyrics are always important. Without good lyrics I can't enjoy the song.

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Our purpose in selecting music for listening can vary. For example, it could depend on the time of day, the mood we are in, the mood we want to get into or even the mood we want to get someone else into.

I used to DJ at a live music club, before the bands were on stage, during their breaks and after their show. I had my after-work chill music, my loosen up and get into the groove music, my ramp up the excitement get ready for the show music, my keep the flow going music, and my end of the night time to wind it all down music. Different songs served different purposes.

At home, I have my cooking music, my house-cleaning music, my quiet seductive evening music, my relaxing music, my bouncing off the walls music...

Music: its "multi-purpose"!

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The reasons vary. If I'm going to the club or with friends or girls or both then we'll put on music that will egg the mood on.

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Trance music soothes me. Techno music moves me to action. Soft music can make me meditate.

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