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Ablaze is what racists do when they light their torches. It sends the same message here, and it's what Democrats are all against, ie .... the battle for voting rights, equality under the law, I don't see ANY support for or by conservatives, so, in the words of the man upstairs,

(allegedly), fornicate thou!

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Well of course black people are primates.

So are whites and all human racial/ethnic groups.

Along with monkeys, apes and tarsiers we're all members of the dry nosed group of primates.

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The racist Democrats at Facebook label video of black people as ''primates''

Hello F:

Isn't the blaze Glenn Becks site?? It IS.. Isn't Glenn Beck the guy who called Barack Obama a racist??? He IS.

Isn't he the guy who apologized for it? He IS.

Isn't he the guy who took his apology back?? He IS. racist-exactly-right-1599239

Therefore, his views on race are disqualified, and so are yours for citing Beck as your authority..



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