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 The rise of knife crime in England and Wales (16)

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The rise of knife crime in England and Wales

There were 43,516 knife crime offences in the 12 months ending March 2019.

This is an 80% increase from the low-point in the year ending March 2014, when there were 23,945 offences, and is the highest number since comparable data was compiled.

These statistics do not include those from Greater Manchester Police because of data recording issues.

Out of the 44 police forces, 43 recorded a rise in knife crime since 2011.

Were is the knife ban in England.

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The Brits need to look for the proper medication to stop the knife attacks that have increased by 80 percent.

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I agree. This is the best example of how increased gun control would be useless. If the people of violence want to murder and maim they will always find a means of doing so.

excon(13436) Disputed
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I agree. This is the best example of how increased gun control would be useless. If the people of violence want to murder and maim they will always find a means of doing so.

Hello S:

Uhhhh, no... You're missing the point.. We're not so much worried about the odd killer or two... We're worried about the MASS MURDERING sonofabitches.. Truly, a MASS MURDERING sonofabitch, would have a VERY hard time MURDERING MASS numbers of people with a carving knife..



Firearms per 100 residents


The dummy wants to talk about 43,000 "crimes", but if guns were illegal in the US like knives are illegal in the UK, there would be 392 MILLION gun crimes per year in the US.

But the dummy doesn't want to think about that.

Chinaman(2119) Clarified
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In America there are 120 firearms per 100 residents. Now that sounds like a good number.

The best way to stop knife attacks is to give knife killers guns. The dummy and I agree on that fact!!! But how many guns does the dummy want to give the knife killers? Is three enough? It is a dangerous world these knife killers live in, is it not? ROFLMAO.

Chinaman(2119) Clarified
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The BBC is concerned

The Chinaman says the BBC is concerned, but the dummy does not answer the question. How many guns does the dummy want to give the knife killers?


FromWithin(8235) Disputed
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To the joke who thinks corrupt polticians should take our guns (even though they have body guards with guns), ask yourself how life was before the gun.

The biggest strongest brutes of the world with knives terrorized anyone they wanted to.

What happened after the gun came along and evened the playing field?

A little woman could now take down a much stronger rapist with one little gun!

I realize Big Government low end voters like you are too stupid to grasp what the gun did to all those who were once victimized by barbaric criminals.

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43,000 knife crimes! DAMN! The Brits must be happy that they haven't come up with automatic knives and high capacity sheaths!! ;-)

Chinaman(2119) Clarified
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Do all guns have a high capacity magazine you uninformed CNN Democrat.

Chinaman(2119) Clarified
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How many 6 six shot revolvers have a high capacity magazine you confused married Democrat.

AlofRI(2842) Clarified
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Six shot revolvers make up a very small (and descending) percentage of the number of guns in the U.S., even a fact like that is confusing to you?? Not to me. By the way, how many bullets does a six shot revolver hold …. do YOU know?? I do. ;-)

And what's this thing about "married" all of a sudden?? Can't find a woman that can stand YOU?? Or did one dump you recently? Being married isn't a thing a "Christian" should be ashamed of … or confused about. Some people get confused about normal things … just before they go completely bonkers! ;-)

I'm proud to be married … for 53 years, total, and never a divorce. I can handle it. You? Guess not! ;-)

Is the rise due to the increase in immigration? I have a sneaking feeling there is a direct causal effect here. If so, screen and limit who comes there and deport those who don't comport themselves in a civilized manner.

You're welcome.

Here is the logic of Socialists and low end voters.

Allow power hungry corrupt politicians to control the people by first taking our guns. That is the first thing a Socialist nation wants to do. WHY?

To control those you will steal from through distribution of wealth, you must first take their guns so they can not stand up to their freedoms.

The Socialist dictators will always have guns, but the peasants must be at their mercy.

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"Knife crime offences" include people carrying knives in public, and account for the vat majority of these offences. Because it is illegal in the UK to carry a knife with a blade longer than three inches in public.

As for the sentiment or the supposed "point" you're trying to prove, this has been done to death.

It is a fact that the USA has nearly four times as murders per capita by firearm only, as the UK has total murders. It is a fact that in the USA you are more likely to be killed or seriously injured by violence than in the UK.