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Revolutionize! No! Stay the same!
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The rules on CD need to be changed.

The name implies it all, but the rules on CD have a fair few issues with it. But, as the topic creator, I'm suspose to stay on bais.


Debate, stay respectful, no flame wars.


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No! Stay the same!

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Life is all about the flame wars.

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Don't be silly... This is a debate site! Why should we ever have to debate and avoid flame wars?! ;)

Side: No! Stay the same!
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I want to reply to this, but if I reply in a way of sarcasm, I'll not be helping the situation. If I reply in a way in which I'm taking it seriously, it'll make me seem like the sarcasm is going over my head, making me look like an idiot.

Well played, Mad One. Well played indeed.

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