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Doesn't bear thinking about. Check out kamala, phew.
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The question is, If Biden is the best the Dems have, what are the rest like?

The DImocrats have CRINGE SESSIONS every morning when they show the video, ''BIDEN'S BLUNDERS'' which is enjoying record sales in Europe and Australia.
Despite the disgraceful mess Biden is making of everything he touches or even looks at, and his embarrassing attempts at speaking coherently they all agree that he is the best they've got. 
Apparently KAMALA has lost her mind and had to be dragged in a state of ''UNCONTROLLABLE GIGGLING'' from THE DIMOCRATS 'CRINGING ROOM' IN THE WHITEHOUSE.
Seemingly it was a sad scene to witness.

Doesn't bear thinking about.

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Check out kamala, phew.

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Biden isn't the best the Dems had. Just as Trump, I sincerely hope, wasn't the best the Reps had. Biden just wasn't Trump, that's why he won.

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Ahoghill(1452) Clarified
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Thanks for the reply to which I would respond as follows;-

So, what you're saying is that the majority of the electorate voted;-'against Trump' as opposed to;- 'for Biden'.

What does that say about the American electorate?

I feel that your interpretation of the election result, which is possibly correct, is subtly blaming Trump for the mess made by Biden's series of debacles and divorcing the majority of the DImocrat party from sleepy Joe's catalogue of catastrophes.

After due deliberation the DImocrat executive chose Biden as their party's Presidential candidate.

Also, you're inferring that both Trump and Biden were not, or should not have been their respective party's first choice to run in the Presidential election.

What does that say about the state of the two parties which dominate American politics?

What in turn does that say about the state of American politics?

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Mint_tea(4641) Clarified
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I can't say why the majority voted the way they did. Some genuinely like Biden, other's genuinely hated Trump and his handling of things during his term. I believe I would reverse what you've said and say that currently, Biden is being blamed for a series of debacles and messes made during Trumps reign of lunacy. Is Biden perfect? God no. He isn't Trump though. I sincerely hope Republicans put forth a GOOD candidate next run just as I sincerely hope that both parties stop catering to this 'trash TV genre' style of leadership.

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What a team;- Deranged Joe and Giggling kamala.

Back in the sixties this COMEDY DUO would have been a BOX OFFICE HIT.

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You could never figure out what Joe said to Kamala, right?

Well, neither could anyone else.

Roars of laughter from the back stalls.

When is a border not a border?

When there's a nutty DImocrat President, and THEN IT'S AJAR-A JAR.

Thunderous roars of laughter from all over the theatre.

It's the way I tell them.

Side: Check out kamala, phew.