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 The secret pushing for blackish (17)

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The secret pushing for blackish

A possible misunderstanding of social affirmative action by movies, tv series and commercial producers.
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Today I was watching the soccer world cap. A commercial from Samsung shows a white girl started a contact online with a black boy who is a neighbor across the street. due to that connection the buildings where both characters get more closer and both families can see one to another more closely.

In appearance this is a message of the holiday season but this is just going more and more into a current tendency to lift up the pushing of mixing of races.

Since decades ago slowly but surely the movie industry has been adding a hero black man who will have as a companion a white woman. This is not an issue in reality when is something sporadic. But when becomes a common denominator, this style of movies, TV series and commercials, this becomes an issue.

Watching carefully commercials, when is about a black man or young man and a white woman or young woman, there is body contact and even kisses. When is about a white man or young man with a black woman or young woman, usually there is no physical contact, no kisses, but sometimes accidents, like the white man throwing food over his girlfriend.

Other commercials worship the black man, like Allstate in my area. There was an original commercial where the car owner was talking by phone with a white Allstate attendant at early hours of the day. The same commercial was edited and the Allstate is black, but the dialogue is more extended for the black man. The same company has the commercial of a white man making a carving figure of the Allstate black attendant (Idol worship?). Another one shows a food stand where a female teenager give for free food to the Allstate black attendant (A Latino minor assuming to be working at that food stand). And many other Allstate commercials having as the main figure the black man not as giving service but receiving praises.

Most of TV commercials in my area show white girls always inn contact with black boys.

Movies are exploiting this tendency as well.

The primary issue is not that, but the situation is that while the producers are focused to promote white women together with black men, at the same time in most movies the bad guys are white men.

This is typical with original Netflix movies where heterosexual marriages are mostly identified with an abusive or cheater husband. At the end the wife or girlfriend ends in company of a black man, a homosexual black man or in love with another woman. Anything but the white man as the good guy.

This new tendency carries some disadvantage for society. I see no problem with men and women choosing their sexual partners. The problem is having children.

Contrary to the common understanding, mixing of races cause genetic diversity which is preached to be a good thing. The reality is that cultures that don't mix much with other races enjoy a greater diversity. The best example is the Bushmen, who are tribes that only have marriages between people of the same families, and they enjoy a genetic diversity greater than people who are mixed between races throughout generations.

When you mix dog races the dogs acquire sometimes very attractive physical and functional characteristics, but at the end of the day, the mixed dog is weaker than the ancestors. The Doberman lose vision at early age regardless of the attributes obtained with such a mixed race dog.

Same it happens with mixing of felines, including lions and tigers and similar. the offspring comes out more weaker than the ancestors.

In our society, encouraging the mixture of races is a great mistake according to biology. My opinion is that one is free to have the sexual partner one desires but at the time of having children best is to have them with a partner of the same race.

To end, I think that producers of movies, TV series, and commercials are pushing a mixture the races with some malice and giving an insane preference to exalt the black man and more recently the black woman. I say this because at the same time of promoting their blackish agenda, the white man is portrayed as the bad dude, the father of a family as a cheater, abusive and even ignorant.

excon(18262) Disputed
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I say this because at the same time of promoting their blackish agenda, the white man is portrayed as the bad dude, the father of a family as a cheater, abusive and even ignorant.

Hello l:

Well, the solution is simple.. Stick with right wing media, and you'll never be presented with distasteful videos again.


luchito(79) Disputed
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Not that simple, it is not about me alone but about the entire society watching those blackish sided TV commercials, movies and more.

New commercials now include not only white blond girls towards black boys but also white old women shown together with old black men.

And I was watching a series in YouTube, where in a South American country the commercials are also started to copy such a tendency, and in those countries doesn't exist the radical discrimination between races like here. In those countries, as the new fade comes from the US, they just do "monkey see monkey do".

Late Hollywood movies are also the same, women beating white men like crazy, black women beating white men, a new hero who is not even black but wants to be called Black Adam.

I have no idea how the producers of those movies and commercials have convinced business to follow such a tendency and surely those business are not selling more products or making better profit providing more services because those commercials.

As I said before, the continued mixing of races at great scale will cause a weaker humanity in the future. In this aspect science rules and in order to maintain a stronger human species best is to keep the purity of each race.

LordSauron(334) Disputed
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Stick with right wing media

You told us earlier that what you watch doesn't affect you. Nobody does crazy crap they see cartoon characters do you said. So why don't you emerse yourself with right wing media? Are you afraid you'll start thinking you're the road runner?

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I can bear witness to the foolishness of mixed/interracial marriages.

I'm a human being and my wife is a Klingon.

My wife's motto is;- if it's in your way, knock it down.

I spend more time prostrate than I do vertical.


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I feel that too many people have let themselves become obsessed with RACISM many of whom claim to detect racism where it doesn't exist.

Check out the World Health Organization who have renamed Monkeypox to Mpox as they reasoned that the original term ''caused offence and was racist''.

I mean did you ever hear a monkey complaining about being offended by the racist implications of the medical term 'monkeypox'?

Or, have you ever heard (EXCUSE THE PUN) cows MOOING about people talking about suffering from COWPOX?

Have you ever heard a dwarf protesting about reference being made to how SMALL POX decimated the human race before a vaccination became available?

The world has gone CRAZYPOX.

Hey, maybe crazy people will label me a CRAZYIST.