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The topic Nom debates worst is guns

So far he has offered no way to disarm hundreds of millions of people and 33,000 gangs.

He claimed that a gun received from a friend or family member had to be legal.

He claimed that in America there are no background checks to get a gun. Objectively false.

He claimed that shooting someone is never defense.

He advocates for open borders, which grows the number of guns, specifically unregistered ones and adds people whose identity cannot be verified.


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The topic Nom debates worst is guns

Demonstrably false. Nom debates no topics well.

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It was well reflected over the long course of this debate that Hootie is a retarded child who probably has flippers.

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Seems, in my experience, that the best way to get him to shut up is to ask him what his plan is if he's ever attacked by someone bigger or stronger than he is who may or may not have a bat or illegal firearm. He's never given a direct answer on that.

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