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"The ultimate tragedy is not the wickedness of the bad but the silence of the good"

This is very much akin to the quote of 

Martin Luther King Jr.  

What's your take ?


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The worst part of this scenario that prevents some from speaking out is when the supposedly good speak up and are demonised. Branding and punishing people as whistle-blowers has contributed to "the silence of the good"

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By remaining silent the decent people contribute to the proliferation of the villains and their foul deeds. Left unchallenged the filth will become progressively more bold as we witness in criminality from the petty thief to expansionist dictators such as Hitler and Putin.

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It seems like bad people would be bad regardless of the good people speaking out. Bad people will create wickedness and think they are being good because they find ways to justify it.

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daver(1771) Clarified
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You are correct in what you said here. BUT

MLK's statement taken in context, was about the necessity of standing up and pointing out injustice. The views of an entire nation were changed when he and others courageously stood up to racial bigotry. Sooooo

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I haven't seen an issue where every good person remained silent in opposition.

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GenericName(3430) Clarified
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It's a shame they didn't stand up to every other problem he mentioned, instead of demonizing him later on as a socialist.

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The ultimate tragedy is what happened to the victims of the bad... Not sure either of these fit the bill.

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