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Establishment dictators DNC corruption
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The ultra corrupt DNC & its media kept Sanders from beating Biden

Establishment dictators

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DNC corruption

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This is the exact kind of statement and conspiracy that "establishment dictators" (like Putin), LOVE!

The kind THEY put out to scatter organized people and confuse their minds. The old "divide and conquer" routine! Divide the Saunders/Biden voters and scatter the votes …. or make some so mad that they WON'T vote, thereby causing the election to go their way!

REAL (thinking) Americans will not fall for this RW/Putinesque conspiracy theory for the sake of our country. Real (thinking) Americans will listen to BERNIE, and vote Trump OUT …. before they have to live under a DAILY barrage of conspiracy theories meant to make them THINK that our "Dear Leader" gives a shit about them!

What country did you say you were from??? ;-)

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Minority voters kept Sanders from beating Biden

There Adolf, all fixed.

Minority voters. The same people who won Obama the presidency two terms running.

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