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The use of performance-enhancing drugs in sport must be legalised.

The use of such drugs is proving to be an ongoing thing, in the 2000 Olympics, several Olympic champions were stripped of their medals as a result of positive drugs test,and the withdrawal of a large number of other competitors on the eve of the games was widely assumed to be linked to failed drugs tests. Almost all sports have a "drug problem ,though the drugs used to build muscle-bulk and  blood-doping to improve performance in competition may have negative side and after effects....


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Freedom of choice. If athletes wish to take drugs in search of improved performance, let them do so.They harm nobody but themselves and should be treated as adults capable of making rational decisions upon the basis of widely-available information.besides almost all athletes use all sorts of dietary supplements and medical treatment etc.

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i think that enhancing drugs help you do the sport and its cheating

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dnldhnsn(117) Disputed
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isn't using supplements, shoes with spikes and other things alike helping the athlete in the sport too, {if using drugs is cheating, so is using spikes for running}, so why not legalize drugs either?????

"and your argument is on the wrong side skylar221"

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komusic(10) Disputed
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Unlike drugs, additional equipment such as spikes or suits have no health harms so their usage need not be banned. Drugs always result in reduction of health levels of the athletes. A first time athlete would rather use drugs than go through years of training that seniors have gone through sacrificing the experience they would if they went clean thereby reducing the level of the sport played!

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Too many Sports figures are now using performance-enhancing drugs as their form of an Energy Drink.

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Once some people choose to use drugs to enhance their performance, other athletes have their freedom of choice infringed upon: if they want to succeed they have no choice but to take drugs too. Athletes are very driven individuals, who would go to great lengths to achieve their goals. The chance of a gold medal in two years time may out weigh the risks of serious health problems for the rest of their life .

We should protect athletes from themselves and not allow anyone to take performance-enhancing drugs.

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It looks like you've won the debate. I just thought I'd stop in and say hi.

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keep it natural ......................................................................................................................................

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Heck no. yea they make u good but then u'll get addicted then overdose then die!!!!!!!!!!

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