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 The worst possible disease for biological warfare? (10)

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The worst possible disease for biological warfare?

Let's see what you guys can come up with.


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McDonald's BigMac on sale .

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No one has even considered a Zombie virus; the T virus!


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Small Pox. Nobody has a nautral defense against it right now, which would sweep through the population. The only people who have it are the major super powers in labs. Weaponizing them would be devastating.

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Black Death.

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You mean worst, as in least effective? I'm gonna have to go with body lice. :P

Watari(70) Clarified
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Worst in this case: the most effective to kill in the area targeted.

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I would say ebola, but the infection period is too short. No time for the thing to spread. Bubonic plague is good, only it's blood-bourne.

Some variant of flu, probably.

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The 'problem' with biological warfare is that things like Lou Gehrig's disease and cancers aren't contagious (probably a good thing, honestly). So many things that are a, so far, unavoidable death.

Watari(70) Clarified
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... unavoidable death cannot be used. Many people believe that it's possible that Asia will attack the US and Canada.

Watari(70) Clarified
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IF they did, it would probably be with either chemical, biological, or technological warfare.

Today i heard that there is a new strand of goneria that is untreatable.

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I'm thinking along the lines of AIDS or Small Pox, but the Black Death would also be terrible.

I will say the common cold virus because it will make people feel so miserable that they won't feel like fighting.