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Theist vs atheist IQ comparison
Take the test and post your results


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Take the test and post your results

The two best IQ tests on the internet are provided below (Note: most internet IQ tests fail to give a reasonable ballpark of the takers abilities, as they operate on internally 'rigged' algorithms to produce a non-relevant result)

(1) (Note: there is a free 'very' condensed IQ test that will provide a rough ball-park of what range you should expect to fall into if you take the full length test)


[Note, both tests require a fee ($9 and $18)]

The test from (1) is the only online test that has been refereed & deemed applicable for entrance to The International High IQ Society if one achieves a score 124 or above (or, higher than 95% of the population). Other ways into the society include Mensa intelligence test, Mensa membership, IQ test in person administered by professional(s), SAT score that is above the necessary mark.

Test from (2) is provided by Mensa as a Practice test. Mensa requires that one submit SATs, take a Mensa full length test in person, or an IQ test administered by a Psychologist all with translated scores 2 standard deviations above the norm (or, 130 for 15 sd & 132 for 16 sd). The Practice test is designed to give one a solid picture of the type of score they could expect to earn if they followed through and took the full-length Mensa intelligence test at one of their locations and dates (such tests are administered throughout the country relatively frequently, testing fee is about $60--compare that to a Psychologist administered intelligence test, which will cost easily upwards of $500)

Thus, if one does well on the Mensa practice test (i.e. 132 or above), it would be worth taking a full-length test offered by Mensa at a testing center at some point (if desired/curious), as there is a very strong likelihood of testing in & earning admittance to the organization

Note: Mensa and The International High IQ Society are the largest high IQ societies in the world

See High IQ societies:



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NumberOne(442) Disputed
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You write the most bizarre posts. Since it has escaped your attention, this is a troll debate intended to cause an argument between theists and non-theists. Nobody is going to pay a fee to take an IQ test.

You use these threads as a platform to pontificate and copy/paste information which has little to no relevance to the intended topic simply to try to convince other people that you are intelligent. It is absolutely fucking pathetic and you must lead an extraordinary lonely and cradled existence to behave this way anywhere.

Nobody is interested in you hijacking debates to pretend you have in-depth knowledge of high IQ societies and/or are a MENSA captain, much less in paying a fee to take an IQ test. Fuck off.

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xMathFanx(1742) Disputed
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Nobody is going to pay a fee to take an IQ test

Actually, you (essentially) always pay a fee to take an IQ test (or equivalency)

You use these threads as a platform to pontificate and copy/paste information which has little to no relevance to the intended topic

The topic in question is specifically for one to take an IQ test, state their score & whether or not they identify as an 'atheist' or 'theist' as a means to compare. Therefore, offering more accurate measurements of IQ is not only 'on topic', but (nearly) necessitated in order to have a discussion (if one were desired)

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In addition to my previous post, one of the best ways to test your IQ on the internet (or even generally) is to take the SAT (if one has no to very limited College experience (i.e. 1 year or less) or the GRE (if one has graduated College or is just about to graduate). Now, for those in the middle of College or toward the end of College debating which test to take, either would work (i.e. SAT or GRE) or perhaps blend your two scores together if the SAT turns out significantly higher than the GRE.

Legitimate free tests can be found online, as well as SAT, GRE to IQ conversion tables. This will give one a pretty good sense of what their IQ is. Also, administered practice tests can be found at centers for a fee.

Note: These are typically about 4 hour long tests

If anyone is interested in where to find the requisite sources to carry out the examination as well as conversion to IQ, links can be provided

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Below, one will find a link to a genuine SAT practice test that can accurately be self-graded by the solutions offered. From there, SAT to IQ conversion can be sought

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Yea right, I apparently have a 180 IQ, this is obviously invalid. I think got stuck up on 18 and 19, maybe if I'd taken a little longer... It was fun anyways.

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NumberOne(442) Disputed
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Yea right, I apparently have a 180

Cool. I have an IQ of 350.

You have to screenshot your results, nitwit. You couldn't figure that out with an IQ of 180?

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Mack(534) Disputed
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I got 18 out of 20 questions right, and it's not like this is even a remotely accurate test. I don't think the results are that unbelievable. Is it possible for me to put a screenshot into an argument on createdebate? If so, how? I'll gladly do it. I'm not so good with computers. I could tell you the correct answer to 18 of 20 questions if you like.

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Mack(534) Clarified
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I just sent you my answers, the original test was at, bur daegonius changed it to something else. The proof that this was the original link is in XmathfanX's post above.

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