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Theory of Utilitarianism

A family member was given information on certain stocks as to when they would they would go up in value an go down. Your relative informs you of this and admits to using this information to his own benifit knowing that it is illegal. Do you go to the authorities with this information or do you keep quiet? 
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Amritsgill(6) Banned
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Yea I would go to the authorities because its unfair to other investors

Mike2727(1) Disputed
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I wouldn’t, just because other investors are at an advantage doesn’t change the fact that your relative shared this information with you because he trusted that you keep it a secret

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Yes, I would also go to the authorities since insider trading is immoral and hurts the economy

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Insider trading is unethical How fair is it to be a part of a company whose benefit of internal information is used by the decision makers for their own personal benefit. Then what is the point in having shareholders at all. The hope of an average investor is tested on the skill of the top management that take decisions. These decisions must favour and must look after the interests of all investors and not for a personal gain of the management. Hence, Insider trading is an unethical practice and definitely be checked upon.

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So let me clarify this a moment. I see that you are offering two choices:-

A) Make a shitload of money without hurting anybody.

B) Betray a family member.

Um. A?