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True Micro agressions are 4 idiots
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There are 107 micro agressions against today's Christians.


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Micro agressions are 4 idiots

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Kill 200 million. Sabotage the creation of the scientific method. Send death threats to Darwin.

Then play the victim.

Rinse. Repeat.

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If they would stay within their cult, they wouldn't have a problem. When they are aggressive, they get return aggression. Not everyone WANTS their advice, wants their belief, wants their "god". Of course, that goes for other religions that want control of the world. A shame, they COULD do much more GOOD if they weren't so self centered.

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GhostOfNom(166) Clarified
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When they are aggressive

Ah, but their most holy spiritual guidebook tells them they must be aggressive when faced with wanton acts of barbarism such as, for example, having a different point of view or being a homosexual.

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Agreed, but, as I said, aggression begets aggression …. as it has for almost 20 centuries. We will always have wars as long as we have religion against religion, god against god, "holy spiritual guidebook" against "holy spiritual guidebook". (Or straights against homosexuals). No religious body really want's peace, they want control of the masses.

If a "god" wanted that, you'd think S/HE/IT could achieve it with …. what …. a lightning bolt, a flood, a disease that killed all non-believers, whatever a REAL "god" can conjure up? Maybe S/HE/IT prefers wars … like a video game? Gods really work in strange, even cruel, ways, don't they?? Gives "love" a whole new meaning, I think.

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