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 There are some people so lost in their ideology, it's truly a waste of time to debate them (4)

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There are some people so lost in their ideology, it's truly a waste of time to debate them

Remember when we were kids, and some kids would simply repeat everything you said until you finally smartened up and realized it was a waste of time to continue the conversation?

Often times, this is how it is on debate sites when debating people on the Left. No matter the truth in things you might say, many on the Left simply deny it. If a Conservative said that water was wet, Progressives would find some way to deny it. They live and breathe ridiculing Conservatives no matter how true the statement.

These insecure people are total wastes of time, and why the ban feature is so important. There is no changing their minds no matter what you say to them. I have better things to do than banter words with insecure people living in denial.

Now Liberals will of course say the exact same thing about those on the Right, but as you will notice they do not usually ban Conservatives. They will stalk a Conservative at every chance to make sure they can ridicule whatever he says. They are insecure people fixated on taking no blame or responsibility for their choices in life. Their's is the no fault mentality.

We ban the deniers, while they stalk us. Can you see the difference? Conservatives are not insecure people trying to excuse any irresponsible behavior. If I as a Conservative lived a promiscuous life, getting women pregnant, abandoning my children, forcing my children to live off tax payers, etc. I would not sit here trying to excuse it as ok and a normal part of life today.
I would not be saying I just made some mistakes, and oh well life happens. No, I would be saying it was pathetic what I did to my children and that society should be going after dead beat parents and SHAMING THEM FOR THEIR CHOICES!

You never hear these Progressives taking responsibility and speaking out on behalf of our children. WHY NOT? because they are the insecure people living those lifestyles. It could be them who abandons a child so therefore they will NOT FIND FAULT.
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I'm thoroughly convinced that if FromWithin found himself living the so called unrighteous life, he'd find a way to blame his condition on the Liberals rather than take responsibility.

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Hey, looky's the same boring, old , routine bullshit.

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"I can never actually put together a full argument with valid points therefore I feel the need to ban everyone who makes me feel stupid."

- FromWithin

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I totally agree to this, but this came form fromwithin and he is the prime example. lmao