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This Election is Cancer

This election has been cancer, and now it has metastasized to everyone's sense of proportion and judgement. It is now normal to say with a straight face that:
- Donald Trump is Hitler, 
- Hillary is Hitler, 
- Hillary should be in prison, 
- Hillary will start World War 3,
- to claim the election is rigged,
- to claim Trump will win in a landslide regardless of the polls,
- that there won't be a country in 4 years if Hillary/Trump is elected, 
- that Hillary is the most corrupt candidate to ever run for president,
- that NOBODY respects women more than Mr. Trump,
- Trump is a strong-man and that is a good thing,
- that Obama/Hillary have ruined America. 

It seems the primaries are the only place we actually hear a little about ideas and policies. The general, at least this year, has been nothing but mudslinging. November 9 can't come soon enough. 

Can't wait till it's over

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Healthy debate of ideas

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